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The Christmas “Feel Good” Menu


The cold is upon us once more. I’ve seen the shops putting up their lights and decorating their trees already. It makes a difference, wouldn’t you agree? Puts me in the spirit of the holidays that are near approaching. Our team at Naturally Chinese has also been bitten by the seasonal bug of the good kind and our spirit of cheer begins with our “Feel Good” menu, or a protein refill as my Chef likes to call it. We will begin this special menu available everyday starting the 16th of November until the 5th of January (with the exception of 25th [...]

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Mandarin Steak


When I was asked recently what were some of the signature dishes at Naturally Chinese, I had to put this sizzling, hot off the iron grill pan dish high up on the list -- this fillet of steak cooked in a robust Mandarin sauce has become one of our signature dishes. It holds its own and is gaining popularity at the restaurant. It's not just a fillet steak and onions dish, it's coated in much more and is succulently revealed one bite at a time. The orange marinade is the key to getting the steak tender and juicy giving it an [...]

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Gluten Free Eating


We recently launched our new gluten free menu which has evolved since the start of the business. This has been mainly due to the fact that there exists a growing coeliac demographic in the UK. I wanted to share a little more about my experiences with the topic as I have often been asked about how we manage having two separate menus. Rest assured that Naturally Chinese does everything required to keep a top gluten free menu. There is a good bit of work that goes into it, much more than the regular menu, but I feel it is important for [...]

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A Greener Way


October marks our month for recycling. Two years on and we have much to feel good about eliminating wastage to varying degrees. It began in little ways by buying fresh daily, planting seeds in the back yard, and has grown gradually over time. Our composting has led to the line of planters with herbs, pretty flowers, even olives to adorn and put to use at the restaurant. We also have been very successful in recycling our residual oils. There is nearly zero wastage in terms of packaging as the oil gets stocked into a recycled drum which further gets turned to [...]

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Learning To Make Dim Sum


I am excited to announce that we will be hosting our Dim Sum class once again. For all of you curious dim sum enthusiasts and seasoned cooks, this class is going to be a delight for you, as our top dim sum Chef, Chiu will be showing you some of his techniques. Much like the origins of dim sum beginning with a complement to robust and aromatic teas that were served in the tea houses on the silk road, where travellers stopped for yum cha, we will commence the class with a treat of tea tasting and dim sum platter to [...]

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Building Team Spirit


We've just finished putting the last touches on our holiday season postcard before they go out. It's that time of the year already. It has been a fantastic summer, moving into Autumn. Only the other day I stepped out of the house feeling that burst of cold wind and taking comfort in the excitement of the Christmas season soon approaching. In the midst of designing a new look for our website, to reworking the new menu which I must say, am very happy with; planning a smooth sailing holiday season is most crucial this time of the year. We've been making [...]

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What A Wonderful Restaurant…


....so said the title of the review, one from an unsuspecting guest at a party held here recently. Having mentioned in my last post about Naturally Chinese soon becoming a special kind of celebration venue, I was touched by this review and it reaffirmed me that this was the reward for giving good service - customer satisfaction to the highest possible degree. This was a significant birthday celebration for a lady in her nineties and we couldn't have been more happy to take on the job of ensuring her party to be happy and memorable. Here is the review that spoke beautifully. Thank you [...]

What A Wonderful Restaurant…2020-04-30T10:54:52+01:00

A Party Venue


As we move into Autumn, I am starting to feel the buzz of celebrations and grand parties as the inquiries for bookings are coming in - for birthdays, weddings and other occasions. This to me is the fun part about having the space to host events or even working closely with those who want to create a beautiful party experience for their friends and guests. We recently hosted a grand birthday party celebration for over 60 guests with a spectacular menu created by our chefs - a ten course meal dressed to the nines à la Chinese with tantalising fruit platters [...]

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Moonlight Festival


Along with the many traditions in the Chinese calendar, the Moonlight Festival marks the change from summer to autumn at the harvest. This year it falls on the 8th of September. It is probably one of the more intimate of celebrations with close families as the tradition is to enjoy a grand feast with foods from the harvest, followed by an after dinner tea sipping. Everyone relishes their harvest moon cakes, all in anticipation of admiring the beautiful full moon together as a family. These past few days leading up to the weekend of festivities has given me the chance to [...]

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Food Heaven


I've probably spoken to customers in length about the grandeur of traditional Chinese celebrations where there isn't usually room to compromise on any part of the feast; as the main aim is to give the guests a good time and serve them the very best in terms of food. As we have been seeing a steady growth in parties and events being celebrated at Naturally Chinese, what excited me the most was when I was approached to host a traditional Chinese dinner celebration for the birth of a new born. Occasions such as these are some of the grandest in Chinese [...]

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