Following on from last week’s post on the mindfulness of eating –how alive is our food and why it is beneficial to eat living foods, grown from the ground? In a time where we don’t always know where our food comes from, and we have to grapple with having to keep up with changes in food sourcing and sustainability, seeking a quality of life in food is and should become an important part of our everyday thinking.

Sustainable food sourcing can be highly rewarding to everyone on many levels. In a restaurant where ingredients need to be carefully supervised for quality, sourced and replenished, it helps staff feel good about what they are serving and respectively, makes the customers feel safe about what they are eating. On a more individual level, say at home — one can be selective about what they buy when they check to see if they are supporting more seasonal produce and looking at the shelf life of the food they buy.

It begins with an interest and curiosity to support the environment. From there, the possibilities to promote well being within a community and a concern for food issues becomes important. Life in food, in this day and age is a growing concern and it is in our interest to make sure we care about the food we eat.