This meaty fish has always carried an elegance to any table. Its taste is subtle. It’s not an oily fish so the taste is never overpowering. Sea bass is mostly an ocean fish but can also be found in rivers during summer. In Europe we have two main kinds –the Atlantic and the Mediterranean kind. In other parts of the world, you can find the Japanese sea bass known as ‘suzuki’, and the Patagonian tooth fish which most famously is known by the name ‘Chilean Seabass’ — a very popular fish eaten in America.

Cooking the sea bass is fairly simple as the taste should never be overshadowed. What is most interesting about cooking sea bass is that use of wines and herbs bring the taste alive and is even inspiring. The asian style sea bass preparation, as we do at Naturally Chinese is one of our prized dishes. The skin is seasoned lightly. Ginger and spring onions plays a vital role  in balancing the flavour, and the best ingredient is the Xaoxing sherry wine that contrasts to the delicate taste of the fish. You can eat the dish by itself or accompany with a bowl of rice. Either way, a glass of cool Pinot Grigio is the best choice to complement the fish.

A touch of garnish such as coriander brings a feeling into play, one of freshness — wondering even where the fish might come from. It brings a connection and a true appreciation for the dish. Here at Naturally Chinese we also serve it pan fried if desired.


Bon appetit!