A significant aspect of Chinese culture is social dining – eating out with family and friends to promote a sense of well-being and community. Naturally Chinese encompasses the aesthetics of Chinese dining with the focus on good food, relaxed surroundings, and delicious cooking.

We present a range of gourmet dishes bringing you the true taste of our Oriental origins.

Our cuisine embodies true Chinese flavours and tradition for the modern palette. Our “Feel good” menus have been designed by nutritionists and top chefs.

We create some of the finest dim sum –bite sized delights to touch the heart and appeal to the senses. Our exclusive gluten free menu offers a variety prepared by a team trained and accredited by Coeliac UK.

We use sea salt and natural colouring in our cooking. Our chilli oil is made in house, and we serve only organic chicken sourced from local British farms.

Our private dining room provides an intimate space for special functions, whether it be a corporate team building event or an anniversary party. Please ask to speak with the team at 020 8399 5533 for more information or email hello@naturallychineserestaurant.co.uk

Taking Care of Our Health

As the status quo forces us to pay attention to how vulnerable we can be at anytime, we must all bear in mind that taking care of our health is of grave importance. When we think about food and consuming it, two factors come into play: what are the choices of food we have to eat, and secondly, how do … Read More

International Women’s Day 2020

It’s amazing when women come together to achieve a shared goal –the impact is contagious. International Women’s Day 2020 will be celebrated on the 8th of March. International Women’s Day is about celebrating the progress of social, cultural, economic and political achievements for all women in all walks of life. And in seeing so many advancements that have taken place, … Read More

Hints of Spring

The weekend brings us an extra day in this leap year. Perhaps an extra day to do taxes, or an extra day to take it easy! Either way, it’s comforting to see a few hints of Spring as the blossoms are beginning to show. A celebration such as Easter is one of a new chapter in the year. We’ve endured … Read More

Organic, free range and better

In a market place today we don’t always know whether we are eating farmed or free range, organic or not. You can now relax with us in the knowledge that we are serving you the healthy options. We also believe that supporting local farmers who take great pains to produce these valuable goods and services will help them deliver better … Read More

Food health and safety first

Naturally Chinese follows a thorough practice of food safety and hygiene. We believe this to be of paramount importance to the well being of the restaurant and the community. As part of our policy for transparency and authenticity in our establishment, we would like to let you know of some of the practices we follow in pursuit of serving clean … Read More

My Chocolate Valentine

Make memories and enjoy your time together whether it be over some bubbly, great food and chocolate dessert. We have them all in store for you. This year Naturally Chinese will have a special chocolate surprise to delight you and yours. Valentine evokes a sense of romanticism in our minds, one that associates with flowers, Spring, sunlight or candlelight, wine … Read More