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Fresh and Frozen Dim Sum


The art to enjoying dim sum lies in spacing those delicate bites in between a heart warming beverage together with what your eyes take in from the delectable pastries set before you. It seems to enhance the flavours even more and bring a kind of lightness and joy to the aesthetic. The tradition began in China when travellers on the Silk Road stopped for rest at little tea houses for yum cha. As people started to realise that tea was a good digestive with food, the tea house owners started serving little bite sized snacks to their guests. From there grew this [...]

Fresh and Frozen Dim Sum2021-02-24T17:59:40+00:00

Celebration packed Weekend


Valentine's day is this weekend, and together with it you might be celebrating Chinese New Year too. The month of the peach blossom as many know it in China, is when the sweet smelling blossom begins to bloom and falls delicately to the ground. This denotes the coming of Spring and the air filled with romance for new love to blossom. With their perfumed fragrance and relation to the rose, jasmine and elderflower groups, they are also used as edible decoration. Spring brides in China usually have a peach blossom in their bouquets to signify fertility, love, and good luck in [...]

Celebration packed Weekend2021-02-06T14:09:19+00:00

Chinese New Year Feast


This year we celebrate the year of the Ox! A strength to surpass our feats is the expectation for this year. And indeed a celebration to commence sets the tone. We offer you a feast you might consider featuring our delicate rotisserie meats which include roasted duck, crispy skin pork belly and barbecued fillet of pork. The Chinese five spices are often used as a spice rub on our rotisserie meats to give them the distinct flavour and tenderness . Our chefs marinade these for long periods of time where the flavour is absorbed. These platters make for a perfect sharing [...]

Chinese New Year Feast2021-02-06T13:48:17+00:00

Soup for the soul


Soups and hot broths are back in season. We pride ourselves on these delicious concoctions made of ginger, greens, berries and more. What they offer is a well balanced meal bringing you protein, fibres and fats all in one. And of course, a little carbohydrate to energize you if you are feeling the winter blues. For those days when the air is chillier, a soup or broth will keep your heart warm. With a few windy days coming our way leading us into a change of season, there’s always some kind of adjustment to be made. Whether it is eating well [...]

Soup for the soul2021-01-29T15:50:12+00:00

Spice for the heart


The cold weather makes us crave spice and variety in our diet. A slender red or green chilli set on a dish of almost anything definitely piques our excitement and interest, and even the sight and aroma can do wonders for the body and mind. Spices used in Chinese cuisine perform various functions in enhancing or even subduing over-powering flavours that can come across too strong. Come to think of it, they all have their part to play in serving the dining experience and providing vitality at the same time. Our szechuan style chicken or king prawn dish is the perfect concoction [...]

Spice for the heart2021-01-29T15:33:16+00:00

Nurturing our spirits


Paying attention to what is on our plates, where it comes from, how it has been cooked and of course, how it is served to us or how we serve it to ourselves? Find a way to slow down from the rat race of life and destress. Our bodies are strong and resilient, but can very easily be let down by environmental and other hazards. Making the effort to eat healthy, clean, and cooking with foods that boost our immunity, we can be one step ahead. We at Naturally Chinese continue to practice this and incorporate in our cooking ingredients that [...]

Nurturing our spirits2021-01-29T15:30:22+00:00

A new year of good food


Happy New Year! One of the most positive times of the year --some get inspired by a new look, a change, a resolution, of simply getting rid of the old energy energy attached to things that have no purpose. It's the Year of the Ox this Chinese New Year which brings good news that through hard work, a positive outlook and earnestness, we can overcome anything. Whatever the desire is to make a change, it's  a positive thing, so go with it! The hope for 2021 is to make good for what we have missed out and lost in 2020. Take [...]

A new year of good food2021-01-29T15:30:46+00:00

New years feast


We begin our journey in the new year after a much deserved break. The weather being much colder conjures up thoughts of that perfect hot pot of goodness that we cook up here at the hands of our esteemed chefs. And while preparations for the last couple of days of 2020 are moving forward; it’s time to clear out the old to make room for the new. The chance for renewal of some kind, the start of something new and putting to rest the year behind us, and especially this year that has been one of the greater challenges for us all. [...]

New years feast2020-12-30T21:05:00+00:00

A christmas of reflection


With a quieter Christmas to look forward to this year, we at Naturally Chinese will be closed for Christmas break and re-open on the 30th of December at 5pm. We will be open through the New year including New Year's Day. We thank you all for your loyalty and support this year. Looking back on 2020 --in spite of the uncertainty and vulnerability most of us have faced, we are thankful to have been able to have kept up and running. We've had the opportunity to re-assess goals and make some important changes. And in doing so, have been able to [...]

A christmas of reflection2020-12-22T12:49:11+00:00

Christmas connection


Make the season count to reconnect with old friends, those you may not have talked to for a while. Whether a catch-up on the phone, a chat from balcony to balcony or a zoom session, toast to the season with a mild touch of cinnamon spice. This is a drink you'll love with its medium bodied red wine that releases an aroma to delight, and the fruit and nuts in each cup are good enough to make your christmas warm and happy. I hope you find it as delicious and heart warming as I do every year. Here it is: Spiced [...]

Christmas connection2020-12-10T18:48:50+00:00
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