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Organic Taste


Looking for food that is comforting and wholesome? We have you covered. Our dim sum has a light and organic taste, one that you might not have had before. Some of our dim sum have been created by our pastry chef  that are unique, with a fusion of traditional and modern; and special to Naturally Chinese Restaurant. Naturally Chinese Restaurant over the last few years has gathered a few cornerstones to be happy to implement. From adopting its wide range of gluten free dishes, to being accredited by Coeliac UK as being the first gluten free Chinese restaurant in all of [...]

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Quality Ingredients


Chinese cuisine is undoubtedly more complex than it might seem. The finer foods require attention to subtle details that elevate the dining experience, by finding ways to keep the dishes delicious without compromising on the nutritional benefits. For instance, we don’t use any artificial food colouring. If you see a bright ochre, we will have used turmeric which not only provides that golden yellow which forms the aesthetic colour palette of a dish but has significant health benefits at the same time. Chef David Chang, our dim sum and pastry chef, has mastered his art by keeping things simple and organised [...]

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Dim sum and lunch is back


It’s a tradition many of us love -to do a weekend Dim Sum brunch. A typical Chinese restaurant serving dim sum on the weekend is a scene of the bustle of energy created from coming together over little morsels of beautifully crafted foods. The art of eating dim sum lies in sharing and sampling those delectable delights. It will always taste better when shared and depending on the occasion, Prosecco or wine can make an interesting combination with it. Starting Sunday November 22nd, we've decided to open up some menu options to you. We will now be opening for lunch takeaway [...]

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Szechuan Spice


Our szechuan style chicken or king prawn dish is the perfect concoction of sichuan pepper with spring onions, red chillies and a delicious sauce to bring comfort as well as robust vitality to the heart. Sichuan pepper is also known as Chinese coriander. Grown abundantly in the Sichuan region of China, its literal meaning is the flower pepper. The hull of the seed is often used for medicinal purposes. It is curious to note that it has hints of citrus that gives it a complex flavour like no other chilli pepper. The cold weather makes us crave spice and variety in our diet. A [...]

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Stepping into the Winter Season


I have a particular fondness for Autumn and especially the advent of Winter. It puts me in the mood to take comfort in a heart warming claypot, accompanied with the perfectly paired glass of wine. We are about to step into the Winter season, so let's make the best of it this year. Of all our claypot dishes on our menu, this one warms my heart instantly with its strength of ginger, chillies and vigor of spring onions. Picking an aubergine to use in this dish is key to the freshness and enjoyment of the flavour and texture. This celebratory dish [...]

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Fresh and sustainable


It’s not just about what we eat, it’s also what we contribute to our environment. It is easy to see that if we treat our environment well, and give it the care and sustainability it requires, it will take care of us in the long run. Every small deed counts, whether it be eating locally grown foods, cultivating your own vegetables in the back garden, saving on gas, energy and water, even walking more than using transportation if possible. Within the scope of all these little actions, the quest for good food is vital, for life. And by that I mean, [...]

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Delectable Duck


The art of roasting duck has been in practice since Imperial times of the dynastic eras in China. Traditionally, the delectable Peking duck is served on most auspicious of occasions. The ceremonial aspect of slicing the crispy outer layer of the roast at the dinner table in front of guests is what makes a great presentation when ordering this dish. Apart from the duck itself, the trimmings are just as important. Finely sliced or julienned vegetables like cucumber and radish are wrapped delicately into a homemade pancake, and a dip into the hoisin sauce makes a heavenly mouthful  -in olden times, [...]

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An elegant dinner


Chinese claypots can make a heartwarming meal at the onset of Autumn. Pairing it with a cool Pinot Grigio or our house red wine can make an elegant dinner for those special occasions. Our version of chicken in wine, prepared with essentially Chinese herbs and wine. What makes it distinctive to the Chinese version of the dish is the wine – fermented rice wine known as Saoxing wine. It is sweet, almost like a sherry which gives a mild marinade to the chicken. Unlike its French counterpart, this dish uses more spice than herb, sometimes flavouring it with a bark of [...]

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The art of cooking


Our chefs at Naturally Chinese carry the depth and breadth of experience in culinary skills through those years of practice and experimentation. What makes a culinary fusion interesting might be in using a range of all time staple foods with authentic spices and herbs, and doused with an essence of something seasonal. It’s like taking an old favourite dish, deconstructing it, building it up step by step with a new perspective in mind. Therein also lies a hunger for adventure in creating an entirely new dish. Like any art, it takes years of practice to cultivate a mode, a pattern, a [...]

The art of cooking2020-09-30T11:28:05+01:00

Autumnal Sizzler


With the autumn winds soon coming to steal away our warmth,  it’s vital to take care of our bodies by eating well and keeping our spirits up. From the array of our hot claypots to sizzling steaks, one cannot deny this dish that has been a long time favourite. Of course lamb is known to be for the acquired taste.  It perhaps takes time to enjoy the subtle flavours of the meat brought out by the seasoning. Not as strong smelling as mutton, lamb is always a tender meat and its delicate nature lends itself to this version of the dish. [...]

Autumnal Sizzler2020-09-25T14:44:05+01:00
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