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Vibrant Veggies


Being highly nutritious and fortifying, this spinach is a wonderful addition to broths. It can also be thrown into a salad. A true emerald green with plenty of vitality and makes its distinctive mark on Chinese cuisine. One of the simplest and easy to eat Chinese greens is the River spinach (morning glory) as we call it. I remember as a little girl seeing these growing in abundance by the river bank when I lived in Vietnam. In Chinese cuisine, vegetables play an important role. Aside from the aesthetics of giving colour and vibrance to accompany any dish, Chinese greens can [...]

Vibrant Veggies2020-07-27T17:28:59+01:00

Authenticity through food


The value for healthy, natural and unprocessed food to me, is one of the greater things to offer. It’s a struggle in today’s world as there are various factors that make it difficult to sustain. But therein lies the desire even more so, to see the success of bringing good food and nutrition to the community. Going against the current is a hard thing but is not an option when you feel passionately about something and you just have to do it. In the midst of materialism, running the race to financial freedom and conspicuous consumption, the need for authenticity might [...]

Authenticity through food2020-07-18T13:12:09+01:00

Free Range Organic Chicken in Lemon Sauce


Chicken and lemon simply make a fine combination universally. One of the better comfort foods you can rely on. I was asked if there could be a variation on the lemon, making it a more citrus sauce to see what that might be like (by adding a mix of all kinds of citrus fruits  – limes, lemons, orange, even yellow grapefruit). The fact is that the lemon on its own commands a distinct flavour, and isn’t sweet. There are a dozen or more ways to make a lemon chicken. It’s the dish I’d like to say has creative license and you might also [...]

Free Range Organic Chicken in Lemon Sauce2020-07-04T16:56:14+01:00

Serving Quality Cuisine


As a customer, it is beneficial to know that asking for organic chicken creates an awareness of good food, sustainable food and its importance in the long run. In this day and age, we can't always know where our food comes from and though it can be frustrating, there is an opportunity to get more involved in insisting on quality food. Demand for good high quality food, we believe, is going to become more and more relevant to the discussion on sustainability of food. With the growth of diets depending on their protein source coming from chickens or other meats, it [...]

Serving Quality Cuisine2020-07-09T12:37:00+01:00

An elegant dish


If you haven’t tried this yet, it’s a dish that will not disappoint. At Naturally Chinese, we make ours in a yellow bean sauce. Although black bean is more popular in Sichuan and Cantonese cooking, to use the yellow bean brings out the umami of the mix of chicken and cashew nuts. Both ingredients fortified in proteins make this an excellent choice for a meal at anytime of the day. Yellow bean has a sweeter taste to black bean. Black beans also have a stronger flavour which pairs very well with red meats and hearty vegetables. Yellow bean being milder in [...]

An elegant dish2020-06-28T22:00:37+01:00

Sharing and caring


Sharing a meal is beneficial on so many levels. Aside from a good feeling of well being that comes from sitting down with others to eat, one can also monitor portion sizes (which are an important factor in eating healthily). A meal at Naturally Chinese would typically include a main dish of fish/seafood, some kind of meat or vegetable, a side of greens, a soup or a side of rice. So therefore, one can get the benefit of a wide variety of nutrients and colours in the meal. And of course, a glass of wine brings pleasure and enhances the whole [...]

Sharing and caring2020-06-28T22:01:25+01:00

Distinct Flavour


We offer a variety dish of rotisserie meats which include roasted duck, crispy skin pork belly and barbecued fillet of pork. The Chinese five spices are often used as a spice rub on our rotisserie meats to give them the distinct flavour and tenderness . Our chefs marinade these for long periods of time where the flavour is absorbed. These platters make for a perfect sharing dish amongst a family or a big party. On our corner of rotisserie meats on the menu, take note of the crispy pork belly which is like a fine delicacy in Chinese cuisine. Cooked to perfection [...]

Distinct Flavour2020-06-22T17:13:44+01:00

Father’s Day


Father's Day falls on this coming Sunday, the 21st of June. The weather leaves open the possibilities to treat your dad to a fantastic Father’s Day celebration. This year will be a first for us not hosting a celebration at the restaurant. But we still want you to know that we will be open for take away dinners that you could complement with your dad's favourite bottle of wine. For an ease of convenience, our menu is available to order from our website in advance, including gluten free dishes. I’m sure you would agree that it is important to let fathers [...]

Father’s Day2020-06-16T16:57:26+01:00

Good Food Sourcing


Sustainable food sourcing can be highly rewarding to everyone on many levels. In a restaurant where ingredients need to be carefully supervised for quality, sourced and replenished, it helps staff feel good about what they are serving and respectively, makes the customers feel safe about what they are eating. On a more individual level, say at home — one can be selective about what they buy when they check to see if they are supporting more seasonal produce and looking at the shelf life of the food they buy. In a time when we don’t always know where our food comes [...]

Good Food Sourcing2020-06-01T17:42:35+01:00

For that kick of spice


For that kick of spice to the palette, this makes for an exciting dish to order and try at least once. Our chefs make it in a way that is unique to Naturally Chinese’s ethos of natural flavour and clean taste. There is no MSG to enhance or over power flavour. The aroma is testament to how potent these Szechuan peppers really are –the flower pepper that is relished in the region it is grown. Interestingly, this dish although sea food, is paired well with our house red wine or a glass of Rioja. Our szechuan style chicken or king prawn dish [...]

For that kick of spice2020-05-27T13:44:36+01:00
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