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Organic lemon chicken


One of the better comfort foods you can rely on. I was asked if there could be a variation on the lemon, making it a more citrus sauce to see what that might be like (by adding a mix of all kinds of citrus fruits  – limes, lemons, orange, even yellow grapefruit). The fact is that the lemon on its own commands a distinct flavour, and isn’t sweet. There are a dozen or more ways to make a lemon chicken. It’s the dish I’d like to say has creative license and you might also find that various Chinese restaurants have their own variation. [...]

Organic lemon chicken2021-10-29T10:59:18+01:00

Heart warming delight


Every meal should finish on a sweet note. It need not always be a grand creamy gateau, or a sugary tart. It could be a cup of perfectly made coffee of coffee liqueur. Dessert has been incorporated even during ancient times. Back then, they didn’t have any of the sophisticated baking or sugar craft we have these days. They would serve grapes, dates or honey. The point may very well have been to clear the palette and quite simply, to end on a sweet note. So with the cold season upon us, a little winter warmth from our liqueur coffees could [...]

Heart warming delight2021-10-29T10:48:41+01:00

Shanghai Dumplings


The crown imperial of dim sum! This heavenly delight is a dish you won't want to miss. Known as Xiaolongbao, this soupy dumpling holds the element of surprise in that initial bite. Synonymous with the complexity of Chinese cuisine, the Shanghai dumpling is created with the finest skills of the pastry chef to achieve the perfect structure. The pastry of the dumpling usually contains a seasoned pork filling with a rich aromatic hot broth or soup. The dumplings are served steaming hot with a zesty ginger soy vinaigrette. The Shanghai Dumpling presents the whole taste palette experience in just one bite. [...]

Shanghai Dumplings2021-10-29T10:33:17+01:00

Scents of spices


After a long day of work, and when it’s warm and cozy in the comfort of your own home, this recipe is like magic to lift the spirits and put you in the mood for the Christmas. A mild touch of cinnamon and spice to this medium bodied red wine releases an aroma that delights beyond one you can imagine, and the fruit and nuts in each cup are good enough to make your Christmas wishes on. I hope you find it as delicious and heart warming as I do every year. Spiced Mulled Wine Try this heart warming recipe on those [...]

Scents of spices2021-10-25T19:45:44+01:00

Mid-Week Vegan Special


Let us introduce you to our new Vegan Wednesday feasts. Naturally Chinese is offering this healthy set menu option which includes a delectable range of vegan delights. With the holidays around the corner, and the bustle of wanting to make things happen, treat yourself to this nourishing seasonal spread put together just for you. It's also dairy free and gluten free, so all our Coeliac customers can rest assured that they are also included. Here is a highlight of what to expect: Emerald rolls in a creamed corn sauce; Crispy coated aubergine; Glazed butternut squash; Tempura style salt and chilli; Beetroot [...]

Mid-Week Vegan Special2021-10-29T10:18:26+01:00

Crispy Pork Belly


Back by popular demand, we are bringing you this all time favourite once again at Naturally Chinese. This dish holds a special place for the onset of Autumn.  For those who enjoy a hearty meal, this Chinese crispy pork belly is a treat to discover in every morsel. And it has been common practice for patrons to mop up all those succulent bits of crackling that make this dish special. The Pork Belly being a tender meat offers the chance to enjoy the sweet and savoury flavour delicately and slowly cooked over a slow fire. Its succulent taste stems from a [...]

Crispy Pork Belly2021-10-25T19:51:12+01:00

Handcrafted with taste


Like any art, it takes years of practice to cultivate a mode, a pattern, a personal touch that makes the cooking unique. At Naturally Chinese we see a culinary fusion of sorts, and our chefs continue to test their palettes to see if there may be room for something interesting to come along –something exciting, something modern! Our chefs carry the depth and breadth of experience in culinary skills through those years of practice and experimentation. What makes a culinary fusion interesting might be in using a range of all time staple foods with authentic spices and herbs, and doused with [...]

Handcrafted with taste2021-10-13T18:34:13+01:00

Autumn Delight


We're in the run up to Winter, and as the Autumn leaves turn to gold, we begin to feel the need for comfort, warmth and connection. This season can be the best time to get together with friends and family to renew those connections we so often take for granted. A celebratory time calls for an auspicious dish, and at Naturally Chinese, there's a familiar ritual to gather over delicious food and wine. Our Peking duck makes for a delightful celebration at your table.  Apart from the duck itself, the trimmings are just as important. Finely sliced or julienned vegetables like [...]

Autumn Delight2021-10-13T18:15:22+01:00

Live well gluten free


With a little extra diligence and knowledge, our team has adapted to a new way of serving Chinese food. It is of course an option when one comes to dine at Naturally Chinese, as some would prefer wheat in their diet. But the choice of having a gluten free and non gluten free menu is achievable. If ever Chinese food could be unimagined as gluten free, it can exist. As our motto continues, that no one should need to feel left out of the party because of a dietary requirement. Everyone can enjoy and come together through food. The taste of [...]

Live well gluten free2021-09-14T17:24:13+01:00

Succulent Sauces


A favourite all year round, this dish holds a special place for the onset of Autumn. The tender meat with sweet peppers in a black bean sauce offers the chance to enjoy the sweet and savoury flavour delicately cooked to perfection. Its succulent taste stems from a mix of Chinese spices and vegetables. It’s a dish to behold. We take pride in our heartwarming dishes that present a distinct dark, rich gravy to achieve perfect balance of flavour. For those who enjoy a hearty bit of pork, choose from cutlets in a honey peppercorn sauce, sweet and sour sauce or a [...]

Succulent Sauces2021-09-14T17:27:14+01:00
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