A popular Hong Kong style dish is the pork belly claypot. To some this may seem extravagant or even fit for a grand occasion, but this dish can be enjoyed on any regular weekday for lunch or dinner. What makes this dish so tempting is the marinade that absorbs into the meat. It’s a sauce that is made to perfection with hoisin, soy sauce, chinese spices, garlic, dry sherry and honey. The sweet and salty flavours tenderize the meat to a succulent texture. And of course, cooking it on a slow fire delicately keeps the meat moist and juicy.

So how do we enjoy this stewed pork belly claypot? There are a few ways they can be prepared. A variety of preserved vegetables can be added to the pot or it can be enjoyed without vegetables. A bowl of steamed rice is a perfect pairing. If you aren’t a fan of white rice, then the dish can be eaten on its own. A full to medium bodied red wine always goes very well with it.

As a leftover meal for the next day, this is one of the few dishes in Chinese cuisine that makes a fantastic and delicious addition. Simply put in a pot and leave in the oven for  20 minutes and it’s as good as having it when it was first prepared. Freshly steamed vegetables make a great accompaniment in this instance.