Sue B.
20:48 01 May 20
Amazing gluten free food. Thank you for feeding us tonight. All gluten free too! I know it was a tough night for you, but you guys did an amazing job!
Laura W.
13:47 03 Mar 20
Reasonable service re timing. Staff lovely. Food wonderful, but for us on the pricey side (£120 for two adults and 6 yr old incl one bottle wine).
Max M.
10:24 29 Feb 20
The meals and service were beyond our expectations. I absolutely enjoyed the vibes of this restaurant. Extraordinary place to take my family out for dinner.
Sam Y.
01:50 22 Feb 20
Honestly some of the best Chinese I have had. It may say gluten free, but you would never know! Delicious!!!
Mark R
23:59 06 Feb 20
Fantastic little restaurant. Very warm and welcoming staff. Excellent service and wide choice on the menus. Gluten free options available and delicious tasting too.
Gary M.
11:31 20 Jan 20
Great meal and lovely restaurant
Cristian N.
10:17 11 Jan 20
We had an excellent experience at this spot. We liked the amazing ambience and the meals. The staff are super affable. I’m glad we ultimately decided to try this restaurant.
Katie P.
21:09 30 Dec 19
Amazing food and really lovely atmosphere. Staff were so helpful and gluten free menu was extensive, will definitely be returning
Paul E.
22:13 13 Nov 19
Great food and friendly staff
12:17 12 Oct 19
My family had a very good experience dining here last week. The service was excellent, the menu choices great, and boy, the food.... Superb!! We ordered a 2-meat platter, the eggplant dish, hot and sour soup, special fried rice and some chicken dish (don’t recall the name). Everything had an amazing flavor and aesthetics. each dish very unique. Really recommend this restaurant.
Olivia B.
18:12 30 Aug 19
Fantastic restaurant, amazing food and welcoming staff! It's wonderful to know that I can eat there safely as a Coeliac as it's certified by the Coeliac Society! A real gem of a restaurant.
Marina050410 .
17:23 23 Jun 19
Great place, especially as a coeliac. They are currently the only chinese place accredited by coeliac uk so felt safe. They have their certificate on display too. Felt that my requirements were normalised which made dining easier (asking unprompted if we wanted a gluten free menu), not asking questions about "how" gluten free I was, and the food was fantastic.... almost couldn't tell the difference! Even got gluten free sweets after the bill. Good staff and great food
Lady-Donna B.
18:15 13 Jun 19
so happy to discover a gluten free chinese restaurant.everything was delicious,and the staff were friendly and helpful
Anastasia B.
15:01 06 May 19
Being Coeliac, I am a regular visitor to Naturally Chinese and highly recommend it to both Coeliacs and gluten eaters alike. It is fantastic not to have to worry about cross contamination and be able to have Chinese food out, which is a rarity for those who can't eat gluten. Service is incredibly friendly, the food absolutely delicious and the whole experience is always wonderful from start to finish. I would eat here every day if I could!
Gary D.
19:59 02 Feb 19
Fantastic food, friendly, quick and all Gluten Free. The wife and daughter loves it.
Darryl S.
23:04 23 Nov 18
food is excellent and service pleasant.
Josie M.
11:03 09 Nov 18
Excellent food, highly recommended 😊
Alexandra E.
17:28 23 Jul 18
Myself and my partner came to visit NC on the 30th June - I’m intolerant to both gluten AND soya, and haven’t had Chinese food in the longest time. I’d heard a lot about them being fantastic for gluten free, but I was really worried about my soya issue. They were absolutely out of this world - the staff were so knowledgeable and put me completely at ease, and I was able to eat all of my favourite Chinese dishes that tasted just as good, if not better, than I remember. They are amazing. I wish I lived nearer so I could visit every weekend! And my boyfriend, who can eat anything, really really enjoyed it too. FANTASTIC place. Well done guys!
Robert S.
21:36 27 May 18
Some time ago, I attended a fantastic corporate event at Naturally Chinese. I enjoyed the tasting menu so much; we stayed on to have a full course meal. Great Service, Great Food! Now that I am looking for somewhere special for Father's Day, I stumbled on Naturally Chinese Restaurant online again which prompted this belated positive review.
Cengiz A.
19:05 29 Apr 18
Roisin M.
12:09 13 Feb 18
We were here on Sunday. The first time our boys have had Chinese food due to Gluten and MSG allergies. It was awesome food and we ordered almost every dish on the G/F menu. We travelled from Eastbourne to get there so about one and a half hours but it was worth it. My only suggestion to make it a perfect experience is to train your staff in a more friendly, welcoming customer service approach as this can let your business down. That would be very sad as we want you to be a huge success as we are coming back very soon. Loved it thank you.
Gulbin B.
08:56 11 Feb 18
Stephanie T.
14:58 04 Feb 18
Rachel A.
18:57 27 Jan 18
Excellent dim sum lunch today, thank you! We have been coming to Naturally Chinese as a family since it opened and hold both the quality of the food and the service in high regard. Food is consistently excellent and freshly made. Thank you!
Kev P.
12:13 21 Jan 18
The best Chinese meal I've had in a long time.
Catherine K.
07:15 27 May 17
Gorgeous meal last night at my favourite Chinese restaurant! The food is always amazing and served by attentive and friendly staff. Recommend to everyone �
Tamara M.
20:02 20 May 17
Delicious food, excellent service, no MSG, will go back again and Aga sin. Recommend it wholeheartedly �
Debbie T.
06:05 09 May 17
fantastic food, good size portions and a great gluten free menu for my daughter
Rosscoe B.
19:20 06 May 17
Best Chinese in Surbiton, really good selection of tasty dishes cooked fresh to order and perfectly plated.
Rona W.
18:35 15 Apr 17
Really enjoyed my delicious gluten free japanese style nabe dish. The seafood, enoki and tofu went together perfectly. Highly recommended.
Kerri W.
21:41 18 Mar 17
Niqui N.
00:27 08 Mar 17
It's is so so good... in my opinion the best in the area.. and the gluten free dim sum are beyond good.
Lucille B.
21:16 20 Feb 17
Amazing food and service will definitely be back regularly!
Fionna F.
18:17 16 Feb 17
Finally got around to trying this place at lunchtime today. Food was amazing and didn't feel like a substitute for normal food having GF - 1st spring rolls I've had in forever, they even made some fresh veggie ones for my friend who couldn't eat the meaty ones with me. Only problem I have is that it's over an hours drive and guessing that's outside their delivery range!
Daniel G.
21:18 29 Jan 17
As a Coeliac to find a gluten free Chinese is difficult. I normally stick to Indian as a different style of food and taste to English food. As most dishes are cornflour based. So to find a Chinese like this with a massive gluten free menu is amazing! I had sweet and sour chicken which I have not had in years and have missed it, it was amazing to get here and taste it once again, sent my taste buds crazy! I had other dishes too all were fantastic. They have something special here and it's lucky my father in law lives down in that neck of the woods so I can go to it, I live up in northwest London. They have found the right ingredients to make the gluten free Chinese food taste great and they should expand fast and open up more of these all over London they would make a killing before others jump on the bandwagon, they truly have something special! All coeliacs in London head to this place, I can guarantee you will not be disappointed.
Terry J.
14:22 03 Jan 17
Lisa H.
17:59 01 Jan 17
Great food for gluten free, service is not great on occasions and the automated 10% service charge is not great however we come here for the food and it's awesome
James G.
23:15 29 Dec 16
Elspeth B.
23:08 29 Dec 16
Babs D.
10:43 29 Dec 16
Sorel P.
22:21 14 Nov 16
Colin Bowron B.
22:41 28 Oct 16
Delicious gluten and msg free Chinese. Lovely service too
Matthew B.
06:51 27 Oct 16
Eng Wei C.
13:04 03 Oct 16
My families most regular dim sum restaurant. My kids love it and I don't feel guilty eating out here. Highly recommended!
Yolinde S.
19:00 26 Sep 16
Best Chinese food & Dim Sum in LondonService and friendliness 10/10����✋�
Murray R.
17:30 19 Jul 16
Top quality food in a relaxed environment. Went here specially as my wide can't eat Gluten. They have an incredible selection of GF food which is seperately prepared. Awesome.
Carol-Ann W.
20:06 10 Jun 16
They have the BEST crispy lamb! I keep going back and can't order anything else. It's just delicious!!!
Rashida N.
22:13 06 Jun 16
Anna M.
19:44 16 May 16
I travelled from Wanstead, twice for this incredible food. Being a coeliac for 13 years the only Chinese food i have is at home with ingredients i know are gf but that is not the same. Thank you so much for providing such a safe place to eat your delicious cuisine. My husband is not gf and says it tastes so much better than normal Chinese!
Samantha Eve B.
08:56 02 May 16
A gluten-free Chinese menu!! With lots of choice!! and tastes delicious!!! Love this place - back soon :) (non-coeliacs catered for too...)
Sharon J.
07:30 30 Apr 16
Amazing food if not had Chinese in 15 years. Great service too can't wait to go back
Laura Kate J.
20:02 21 Feb 16
This place is amazing. We have been 4 times now, with family and friends and everyone has loved it every single time - it is consistently excellent. Having been to some of the most highly lauded (and michelin star) London Chinese Restaurants, this one is so much better and in my opinion serves the best Chinese I have ever had! The staff are lovely too. I would definitely recommend.
Michaela L.
13:32 07 Jan 16
We went last night for the first time we loved it can't wait to come back. Thank you so much for doing gluten free
Marlena G.
22:18 11 Dec 15
Thank you for lovely date :) it wAs delisious
Heidi P.
14:18 22 Nov 15
My husband and I had dinner here last night. The meal and wine were paid for by my brother. It was his wedding present to us, and I have to say that being a gluten free and a coeliac was not a problem as their is a separate GF menu. The food was delicious as was the wine we chose. Thank you so much for a wonderful evening.
Michelle S.
20:04 21 Jun 15
We got takeaway on Friday evening - the food was exceptional and the gluten free options meant whole family could enjoy ! We will definitely order again - thanks for such a great meal :)
Natalya S.
20:45 09 Oct 14
Hannah O.
23:30 02 Oct 14
Peter N.
00:07 04 Jul 14
Sam M.
19:33 18 Jun 14
Joanna L.
22:50 29 Apr 14
Tom O.
16:00 14 Apr 14
Chris J.
12:48 23 Mar 14
Jasmine J.
05:08 19 Feb 14
Babs D.
22:08 14 Feb 14
Well worth a visit
Chloe M.
20:47 27 Jan 14
Lisa B.
09:17 15 Jan 14
Ruth E. S.
23:31 10 Jan 14
Amazing food and great service! we'll be back!
Stuart C.
20:58 27 Dec 13
Angela E.
23:48 24 Dec 13
Wonderful food and great hospitality.
Phi N.
01:01 21 Nov 13
Emily H.
00:59 07 Nov 13
Kat H.
21:51 30 Oct 13
Mouthwatering food. You just can't go wrong!
Yvonne C.
23:32 18 Oct 13
Sanna L.
20:06 11 Aug 13
Michael F.
21:22 02 Aug 13
Lynda S.
21:10 02 Aug 13
Huang Chun Y.
08:22 03 Jul 13
Domonic W.
01:38 02 Jul 13
Dan F.
07:30 27 May 13
Хамед М.
00:12 11 May 13
Jason A.
11:01 08 May 13
Nicholas L.
14:36 15 Mar 13
19:40 16 Dec 12
Deon Van S.
15:16 31 Oct 12