About Us

Naturally Chinese Restaurant offers authentic Chinese cuisine and dim sum, we do not add Mono Sodium Glutamate (MSG) or artificial food colouring to our cooking.
We offer food lovers a unique dining experience using only the best ingredients to achieve great flavours. Customers regularly notice the clean taste in our cooking and its oriental gourmet flavour giving it the true experience of traditional Chinese cuisine.

Prioritizing the wellbeing of our customers rests at the apex. Listening to our customers frustrations of wheat allergies (coeliac disease), we fine tuned our menus over the years to offer a wide selection of dishes using gluten free ingredients.

Our team abide by safety measures for those gluten sensitive and Coeliacs.

Naturally Chinese is not just about making a profit. Engagement in charitable events and contributions to support the local community and business is an on-going pursuit. With an interest to support environmental issues, we recycle most of our waste and opt for a minimalist eco-friendly approach to our dining culture.


Naturally Chinese stemmed from a seed of an idea wanting to introduce a new approach and accessibility to Chinese cuisine.

Amie Mui Lee who has been at the forefront of the running of Naturally Chinese from its commencement in April 2012 brings several years of experience in food manufacturing and quality control. With a passion for good food, she has extensive experience in starting up fruitful food businesses, implementing operational structures and building solid foundations including an international trading business and a successful restaurant. “ It is because of my past experience in quality control and food manufacturing that I could make possible a Chinese gluten free menu.”

At the heart of Amie’s mission statement for Naturally Chinese lies her quest for adding value to the community, and starting a restaurant has remained the tool to deliver that. Amie believes that no one should have to feel left out because of allergies. By creating a clean tasting, additive free and gluten free menu, everyone can have the opportunity to enjoy Chinese cuisine with ease.

Amie continues to extend her entrepreneurial mind set receiving regular business coaching and mentoring from top renowned experts around the UK.

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