I particularly love this time of the year –the time transitioning from the end of Summer to those glorious autumnal days in September. The sunlight is golden and it reminds me that as winter will soon approach, there are still some sunny days to enjoy. How quickly the time passes? Summer came too soon. Hope you had some good times to remember this year.

This time of the year brings a range of seasonal produce to enjoy. In keeping with the change in weather, it is important to eat healthy with a feeling of rejuvenation to the body. I usually like the claypots; these dishes warm the heart and lift the mood to a state of happiness. These are some of our chefs popular claypot concoctions:

Japanese silken tofu, enoki mushrooms & seafood: the tofu has always been a luxury for me. The texture makes this dish elegant and nourishing at the same time.

Chicken thighs: this is core sustenance after those long hard days of work. Accompanied with a bowl of rice, there’s nothing quite like it.

Braised aubergines: Aubergines aren’t everyone’s favourite. Maybe it’s a matter of being in the mood for it, but this time of the year brings my mind this wholesome vegetable.

Stewed beef brisket: You can’t deny a brisket no matter the time of year. Coupled with any of our green side dishes and a dash of chilli oil, this might become a new comfort dish.

Enjoy this lovely time of the year as we say: farewell summer