As many of you know, our chilli oil is made in house by our chefs at Naturally Chinese. In Chinese or Asian cuisine, chilli oil is an important condiment. In China, it is used abundantly in the Sichuan and Hunan regions, as the food in these areas tends to lean on the spicier side of Chinese cuisine. It is also interesting to note that the region in southern Italy also makes their own version of a chill oil which is used to accompany many of their dishes, even on pizza!

If you like spice then this chilli oil will put a kick in your step. The question has been whether to use dried or fresh chillies. Both have an incredible burst of flavour and spice of course. It is a matter of personal preference. Our chefs use fresh chillies. You can use the chilli oil on almost all dishes to add that extra dimension to the taste.

Chilli oil can be prepared with various twists, all working to enhance the flavour of the chillies that are being used. Some recipes use cinnamon and star anise for a more woodier aroma and smokier flavour. At Naturally Chinese, we have our own signature concoction; made with Rapeseed oil, garlic, shallots and stock to bring a more home cooked essence and taste.