When we think about food and eating in the age we live in, two factors come into play: what are the choices of food we have to eat, and secondly, how do we obtain them as quickly as possible. Many times the stress of life takes over our better judgement and we can forget to take time to indulge in the therapeutic value and mindfulness of eating.

It’s a concept that is talked about now for some time: Mindfulness. A way to slow down from the rat race of life and stop to smell the roses. It’s a way to pay attention to ourselves, our bodies that are strong and resilient, but can very easily be let down by environmental and other hazards. So how can we be more mindful about our food and our eating habits? The pleasure and healing that comes with eating should always be adhered to. Paying attention to what is on our plates, where it comes from, how it has been cooked and of course, how it is served to us or how we serve it to ourselves?

The care that goes into food preparation affects the food we eat. If you cook it yourself, you will know the gratification that comes with creating a dish and serving it. At a restaurant, you know the feeling when a dish is being served to you with diligence and care. The presentation, smell, taste, texture –the entire experience should add benefit to your overall mood and leave you feeling hopefully, in an elevated state.