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Distinct taste


From a big bowl of wanton soup to a mandarin steak sizzler, to a sweet finish of custard buns and creamy coffee, the taste of home goodness is alive and well in our cooking at Naturally Chinese. Ingredients that are sourced carefully and broths that are made from scratch in house. The idea is to enjoy every morsel of food and take time to digest and appreciate the taste of home goodness. The taste of home goodness can bring back memories of a home far away, one that we left behind for the lights of a bustling city. The ethos at [...]

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Sustainable sourcing


It’s not just about what we eat, it’s also what we contribute to our environment. It is easy to see that if we treat our environment well, and give it the care and sustainability it requires, it will take care of us in the long run. Every small deed counts, whether it be eating locally grown foods, cultivating your own vegetables in the back garden, saving on gas, energy and water, even walking more than using transportation if possible. Within the scope of all these little actions, the quest for good food is vital, for life. And by that I mean, food [...]

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Surbiton Food Festival 2022


This year’s Surbiton Food Festival will kick off from the 7th - 22nd of May, and as usual the preparations are underway. Naturally Chinese will be part of the festivities promoting our gluten free and dim sum menu. Apart from the stall that we will be at preparing some delicious bites for you to taste, you won’t want to miss Chef David who will be working his skills at the St. Andrew’s Square event on 14th of May at 3pm. He will be giving a live demonstration for making dim sum. This has always been an all time favourite at the [...]

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Energy boosting foods


One of the most commonly used spices in our cooking is Star Anise. Shaped like a star – a woody, refreshing flavour really works well with our braised stews and hot pots. So also the Cloves that are part of the five spice mix. Cloves provide that dynamic variety of pungent, slightly smoky and somewhat sweet like essence that contribute a great deal to a nuanced taste. And even though the five spice mix is called just that, it contains more than five spices admittedly adding the extra bits of lime seed, even rice, fennel and coriander which make an unsuspecting [...]

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The joy of eating


Chinese cuisine is undoubtedly more complex than it might seem. The finer foods require attention to subtle details that elevate the dining experience, by finding ways to keep the dishes delicious without compromising on the nutritional benefits. To enjoy a small bowl of rice, some kind of meat and vegetables is a luxury in itself. Bringing together a group of foods to accentuate taste, delight, aroma and nourishment is the complex simplicity of Chinese cuisine. A good chef knows how much cinnamon, sichuan pepper or fennel to use in a pot au feu, and it takes years of understanding the elements [...]

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The topic of greens


Mistaken for a flower, this dark green vegetable side dish on our menu is a relative of the spinach family. Morning glory is rich in nutrients, it grows in abundance by rivers in most Asian countries like China, Indonesia, Vietnam and many more. Its most unique quality is its tubular structure, is crunchy to eat and retains its colour and texture even when cooked. As a child, I recall waking up to the smell of this green vegetable as it would fill the river beds with its luscious growth. It would be cut fresh to be cooked during the day and [...]

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A feast to remember


With Easter just around the corner and chocolate eggs making their way into our homes, there is much to take advantage of a nice long weekend. After the exhilaration of Easter egg hunts with the children, a delicious lunch is always expected. Naturally Chinese will remain open offering a range of our zesty Spring dishes that will add to your Easter weekend spirit. From Champagne or Prosecco, to light white wines and more, we have a carefully picked wine selection that complements all our dishes on the menu. What would be your ideal lunch or dinner for a long weekend? If [...]

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A decade of Naturally Chinese


We are celebrating ten years of Naturally Chinese today! It is indeed a big milestone for us. Through all the upward and downward shifts in the last ten years, it is an honour to be still standing with a well defined brand and restaurant we are proud of. I can remember like it was yesterday, opening the restaurant to a new slate --the journey into the unknown and hoping for the best! We started out with a small official launch, didn't advertise, but had a well stocked kitchen with a team of fine chefs. We counted on the food to speak [...]

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The feel of Spring


Hints of Spring are in the air, and although the cold chill is still hanging around, we have much to look forward to with a new season and new opportunities. If you feel it is time to clear out the old and make room for the new, there couldn’t be a better time. A big part of a Spring detox is making sure to enjoy the process, no matter how involved or simple it may be. And with Mother's Day just around the corner to mark the coming of Spring, why not prepare for a new chapter in the year. The [...]

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Mothering Sunday Celebrations


Mothering Sunday to me denotes a distinct change in season. I see the flowers blooming, blue skies, the sun shining (even if it isn’t). This is perhaps because as a mother myself, the joy follows when my children come home to spend the weekend with me. I like to see the whole weekend as a treat to relax and gather some much needed family time. The rush of Spring is upon us. And with the clocks springing forward on Mother's Day, the 27th of March 2022, it will be official. Spring will be here! If you’re like me celebrating the wonderful [...]

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