As part of the restaurant’s ethos of maintaining a connection with nature and incorporating a sense of earthiness, green plays an important part of our brand. It’s made more sense as we’ve come a long way since our commencement; striving to offer freshness and clean taste through our cuisine and how we serve it to you. Why is a colour so important? It speaks of something one cannot always articulate, but feel.

It’s formed a big part of our colour palette since we started the restaurant: the verdant greens that create the environment of Naturally Chinese restaurant make for the naturally green effect that we strive to achieve. In a similar vein, the dishes we’ve put together on the menu hold a bit of green whether in the whole dish, or just as a tantaliser to excite the palette.

This goes without saying that using greens are an important aspect of our menu. The remedial benefits even if through just sight as compared to taste makes a significant difference. Textures also add to the overall appeal of the experience. For instance, one of our very special green dishes is the lotus leaf parcels. These are little rice and mushroom morsels wrapped in real lotus leaf and steamed to perfection infusing aroma and taste of lotus leaf. It also add a wholesome value to the dish by presenting something naturally green.