The sound of coffee beans grinding to brew an aromatic fresh cup infused with a dash of baileys or tia maria — the winter liqueur coffee has been in top demand this month. One wouldn’t necessarily think of Naturally Chinese to be a restaurant serving liqueur coffees, however we are a non traditional Chinese restaurant with an appreciation for fine wines, desserts and coffees alongside a modern Chinese menu. Everything tastes better with wine . Our fine wines and liqueurs have been selected to complement our dishes. And an after dinner liqueur coffee completes the whole dining experience.

So with the cold season upon us, a little winter warmth from our liqueur coffees could complete the perfect dining experience. We do serve a selection of liqueur coffees. It’s becoming more popular as they do seal a scrumptious finish to any of our meals.

We use natural and fresh ingredients, and we take care to create a clean and delicious cup of coffee. The next time you are dining in at Naturally Chinese, try one of liqueur coffees. And for those who find themselves wanting a winter warmer in the early hours of the morning after that late night party, here’s an easy recipe. It takes a little practice but is well worth it.

Calypso Coffee:

1 shot of Tia Maria

1 tsp sugar

1 cup of ground coffee (we use an Italian roast)

single cream (only the amount you need for one cup)


Warm a clean coffee cup in hot water.

Pour the shot of liqueur at the bottom.

Then fill the cup with coffee, leaving about half an inch down from the top.

Stir in the teaspoon of sugar; then still the coffee by dipping a spoon in the middle of the cup.

In a separate container or bottle, shake the single cream for a few moments to let it oxygenate.

Holding the spoon lightly on the surface of the coffee, pour in your cream and it should float, thick and creamy on the top.