Spring Galore

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Gluten Free Tasting Event

In keeping with Easter season celebrations, here are some of our favourites from the kitchen at Naturally Chinese. Some of our delectable tender meats featured this month are the sizzling lamb, mandarin steak and honey barbecued fillet of pork. We also feature our Rotisserie platter which comes with the fillet of pork. If you and your party are meat lovers, we … Read More

Pork Belly Clay Pot

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Naturally Chinese Restaurant

The beauty of claypot cooking is the holding of moisture without over cooking or burning the food. It is one of the most elegant gourmet dishes and can be enjoyed over lunch or dinner. Choose a claypot the next time you dine in with us. Pair it with our house wine and you will see the subtleties in the tastes … Read More

Happy 7th Anniversary

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Chinese Scallops and Broccoli, Naturally Chinese Restaurant

We’ve made it to year number seven, and proud to be still going strong and steady. It’s been an experience in learning and continues as our goal is to keep evolving with the times and adapting our service to better suit the needs of our patrons and customers. Still continuing with the blog and monthly newsletters talking about our activities … Read More

The Healing Value of Food

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The value for healthy, natural and unprocessed food to me, is one of the greater things to offer. It’s a struggle in today’s world as there are various factors that make it difficult to sustain. But therein lies the desire even more so, to see the success of bringing good food and nutrition to the community. Going against the current … Read More

Earth Hour 2019

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Earth hour is observed as an event to raise awareness of protecting the environment. Earth hour as a movement strives to unite people around the world to get involved in the discussion of preserving nature and actionable ways to go forth doing so. The simple acts matter in this regard. It may be nurturing a plant to life even if … Read More

Sautéed fillet in mandarin sauce

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Mandarin Steak at naturally Chinese

From a range of delicious preparations of steak, one of the most popular in Chinese cuisine is the Sautéed fillet in mandarin sauce. The complexity and simple elegance of this dish encompasses the sweet, sour and crispy. The orange marinade is the key to getting the steak tender and juicy giving it an added burst of citrus. This is an … Read More

Mother’s Day 2019

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Being a mum is never easy but hugely rewarding. As mothers, we see our children through the eyes of unconditional love and all is forgotten once they come over to say they’re sorry. Sound familiar? And here is that one day in the year to remind children to do something to celebrate their mothers. It is one of the busiest … Read More

King Prawns with Chilli

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The cold weather makes us crave spice and variety in our diet. A slender red or green chilli set on a dish of almost anything definitely piques our excitement and interest, and even the sight and aroma can do wonders for the body and mind. Spices used in Chinese cuisine perform various functions in enhancing or even subduing over-powering flavours … Read More

Char Siu Bao

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A bite into one of these heavenly delights is a treat to behold. Going for a dim sum experience cannot be complete without a serving of char sui bao that is fresh, and warm, with a texture – as a customer recently said – that feels like biting into a soft cloud. At Naturally Chinese, this Cantonese specialty is served … Read More

The Art of Nature

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Would you agree that the beauty of the universe and the art of nature can be experienced in a single flower? If you do, you might also agree that the art of arranging flowers is more than just putting them together in a vase as a feature to a room or a table. There is great value to receive in … Read More