Szechuan style cooking


The cold weather makes us crave spice and variety in our diet. A slender red or green chilli set on a dish of almost anything definitely piques our excitement and interest, and even the sight and aroma can do wonders for the body and mind. Spices used in Chinese cuisine perform various functions in enhancing or even subduing over-powering flavours that can come across too strong. Come to think of it, they all have their part to play in serving the dining experience and providing vitality at the same time. Our szechuan style chicken or king prawn dish is the perfect concoction [...]

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Winter warmth and comfort


Eating well during the winter months counts for a lot. When the cold steals away our warmth, it’s vital to take care of our bodies by nurturing, celebrating and sharing. Food brings us these benefits and when shared, can bring healing and light into our days and nights. Which would you say are the foods that bring you warm comfort in the winter? And how do you cook them, if you do? Perhaps it is the way the dish is prepared or its texture, saltiness, even sweetness, but my favourite foods to look forward to this season are the rich dark vegetables. [...]

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Unique combinations of ingredients


What makes dishes compelling are their aromatic ingredients combined with their nutritional value. Together this makes a compelling combination that tastes unique. The next time you are dining with us, venture to taste some of the more exotic we have to offer on our menu. Couple it with our popular wines, making your experience a fine one. Delicious dishes begin with good ingredients. A simple cooking process is also a key factor, with care and attention to the finer details. Our range of the finer dishes on the menu incorporate these aspects. For instance, the rice parcels wrapped in lotus leaves [...]

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Happy New Year 2024


A very Happy New Year 2024 everyone! The new year is always an exciting time; a chance for new beginnings, a chance to start on a clean slate. I am thrilled to see Naturally Chinese step into the next year and with a whole host of new choices that are to come with the territory. There is the feeling of wanting to purge all the old clutter to make room for new possibilities. Whatever the new year resolutions we may have on our lists, the one thing that would be a given for me is maintaining good health at the start [...]

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Appreciating The Quiet Moments


We thank you all for your loyalty and support this year. Looking back on 2023 –in spite of the uncertainty and vulnerability most of us have faced, we are thankful to have been able to have kept up and running. We’ve had the opportunity to re-assess goals and make some important changes. And in doing so, have been able to better our service to you. Whatever your plans may be to bring in the new, we wish you all the best for 2024. From delectable dim sum and mouth watering appetisers to dishes in aromatic sauces, we look forward to bringing [...]

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A Christmas Feast


Celebrate this festive season with one of the most auspicious dishes on our menu. The art of roasting duck has been in practice since Imperial times of the dynastic eras in China. Traditionally, the delectable Peking duck is served on most auspicious of occasions. The ceremonial aspect of slicing the crispy outer layer of the roast at the dinner table in front of guests is what makes a great presentation when ordering this dish. Apart from the duck itself, the trimmings are just as important. Finely sliced or julienned vegetables like cucumber and radish are wrapped delicately into a homemade pancake, [...]

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A cup of warmth and festive spirit


Our favourite festive drink comes to mind as this time of year is always very special. The lights, the get togethers with family and the chance for giving back brings warmth and happiness to the heart. Eating with friends and family is a pleasure and a luxury that shouldn’t be taken for granted for at the end of the day, these memories we remember and cherish the most. They are what leaves us with the most warmth. And after a long day of work, and when it’s warm and cozy in the comfort of your own home, this recipe is like [...]

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Setting Your Christmas Table


Christmas trees decorated. Lights lining the window panes looking as Christmasy as they can. And what’s left now is all the planning, list making, shopping and also what we tend to leave out last — the relaxing for the holidays. Christmas being essentially the season for family and friends to make time to gather and re-connect is a special one, calling for special things in our life, special food that makes us feel happy and fulfilled. What would you like you Christmas table to look like? And who would you like to see around that table? If you can’t see everyone [...]

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Heart warming season


Braising in a hot clay pot retaining its moisture and warmth, this dish can be enjoyed with a steamy bowl of rice and a side of green vegetable. A full to medium bodied wine like our house or shiraz works very well with this hot pot. I have a particular fondness for Autumn and especially the advent of Winter. It puts me in the mood to take comfort in a heart warming claypot, accompanied with the perfectly paired glass of wine. We are about to step into the Winter season, so let’s make the best of it this year. Of all [...]

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Bold flavours


We take pride in our heartwarming dishes that present a distinct dark, rich gravy to achieve perfect balance of flavour. For those who enjoy a hearty bit of pork, choose from cutlets in a honey peppercorn sauce, sweet and sour sauce or a sea salt and peppercorn cure. And it has been common practice for patrons to mop up all those succulent juices that make these dishes special. A favourite all year round, this dish holds a special place for the onset of Autumn. The tender meat with sweet peppers in a black bean sauce offers the chance to enjoy the [...]

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