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New Year Specials


No matter how big or small your party may be, our menu has various choices for you and your guests. These dark days of winter leave no excuse to have an abundant table of good food, warmth and great company. And if you and your party are meat lovers, we can design a roast of delectable meats to savour the celebration. Not forgetting fine wines to pair with the feast. The art of eating well lies in sharing and sampling those delectable delights. It will always taste better when shared and depending on the occasion, Prosecco or wine can make an [...]

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Winter Comfort


Depending on what your needs and aims are for the season, we have it ready for you to avail of. A must try is our platter designed to fortify with good amounts of protein, a nutritionally well balanced meal that will keep you going throughout the day. Take a look at our menu menu. And of course, we highly recommend our rotisserie especially for all Winter occasions. Succulent flavours delight the palette with this dish. One of our main tasks this year is to source as much natural foods into our menu. We believe that serving these will make a huge difference. [...]

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Year of the Tiger


In celebration of Chinese new year 2022,  Naturally Chinese prepares for a celebration the weekend of  28th to the 30th January. Treat yourself to authentic luxury of fine Chinese cuisine as we celebrate the prelude to the Year of the Tiger. This year being a year of optimism and bravery, we celebrate qualities of confidence, positivity and enthusiasm. We all have been through some trying times the past two years, and if we are to accept that uncertainties may be here to stay, then why not counter balance this with an air of positivity, open-ness and bravery. Let us all have [...]

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New Year 2022


A very Happy New Year 2022 everyone! The new year is always an exciting time; a chance for new beginnings, a chance to start on a clean slate. I am thrilled to see Naturally Chinese step into the next year and with a whole host of new choices that are to come with the territory. There is the feeling of wanting to purge all the old clutter to make room for new possibilities. Whatever the new year resolutions we may have on our lists, the one thing that would be a given for me is maintaining good health at the start [...]

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Merry Christmas 2021


In addition to the feast and festivities, Christmas to me is more about family and rejuvenation. Eating with friends and family is a pleasure and a luxury that shouldn’t be taken for granted for at the end of the day, these memories we remember and cherish the most. They are what leaves us with the most warmth. Simple, elegant and fulfilling just as our aim for 2022 is – to provide great food with great service, giving our customers a happy dinning experience. We also thank all our patrons who have been frequenting us for the last three and a half [...]

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Family Dining


Christmas trees decorated. Lights lining the window panes looking as Christmasy as they can. And what’s left now is all the planning, list making, shopping and also what we tend to leave out last — the relaxing for the holidays. Christmas being essentially the season for family and friends to make time to gather and re-connect is a special one, calling for special things in our life, special food that makes us feel happy and fulfilled. What would you like you Christmas table to look like? And who would you like to see around that table? If you can’t see everyone [...]

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All about great taste


Bringing together a group of foods to accentuate taste, delight, aroma and nourishment is the complex simplicity of Chinese cuisine. A good chef knows how much cinnamon, Sichuan pepper or fennel to use in a Pot-au-feu, and it takes years of understanding the elements of taste to harmonise a dish. Deciphering the right cooking method is also of key note: shallow frying versus stir fry, simmering versus steaming to attain the right texture and colour. At Naturally Chinese, we use a potato starch (gluten free) which brings a new twist onto a typical tempura or deep fried style dish. Red chilli [...]

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Christmas festivities


It's that time of year again and thoughts of that perfect hot pot of goodness that we cook up here at the hands of our esteemed chefs comes to mind. And while preparations for the last couple of weeks of 2021 are moving forward; it’s time to clear out the old to make room for the new. The chance for renewal of some kind, the start of something new and putting to rest the year behind us, and especially this year that has been one of the greater challenges for us all. With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, [...]

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Organic lemon chicken


One of the better comfort foods you can rely on. I was asked if there could be a variation on the lemon, making it a more citrus sauce to see what that might be like (by adding a mix of all kinds of citrus fruits  – limes, lemons, orange, even yellow grapefruit). The fact is that the lemon on its own commands a distinct flavour, and isn’t sweet. There are a dozen or more ways to make a lemon chicken. It’s the dish I’d like to say has creative license and you might also find that various Chinese restaurants have their own variation. [...]

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Heart warming delight


Every meal should finish on a sweet note. It need not always be a grand creamy gateau, or a sugary tart. It could be a cup of perfectly made coffee of coffee liqueur. Dessert has been incorporated even during ancient times. Back then, they didn’t have any of the sophisticated baking or sugar craft we have these days. They would serve grapes, dates or honey. The point may very well have been to clear the palette and quite simply, to end on a sweet note. So with the cold season upon us, a little winter warmth from our liqueur coffees could [...]

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