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Autumnal Sizzler


With the autumn winds soon coming to steal away our warmth,  it’s vital to take care of our bodies by eating well and keeping our spirits up. From the array of our hot claypots to sizzling steaks, one cannot deny this dish that has been a long time favourite. Of course lamb is known to be for the acquired taste.  It perhaps takes time to enjoy the subtle flavours of the meat brought out by the seasoning. Not as strong smelling as mutton, lamb is always a tender meat and its delicate nature lends itself to this version of the dish. [...]

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All About Spice


First the hot peppery king prawns, now proceeding with an ongoing series of some of our favourite spicy chilli inspired dishes, make way for the salt and chilli squid. A traditionally Hong Kong style concoction, but inspired with the twist of Hunan spice, this salty chilli seafood dish has a mix of eclectic and traditional flavour. At Naturally Chinese, we use a potato starch (gluten free) which brings a new twist onto a typical tempura or deep fried style dish. Red chili peppers, roasted garlic and green onion make the perfect complement taste and sight wise.It creates a fluffy, soft crunch and a [...]

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For the coming season


We pride ourselves on our heartwarming claypots that present a distinct dark, rich gravy with hints of star anise and ginger – braised and stewed for hours with the pork to achieve perfect balance of flavour. For those who enjoy a hearty bit of pork, this Chinese braised pork belly clay pot is worthy of every morsel. And it has been common practice for patrons to mop up all those succulent juices that make this dish special. Although this is a favourite all year round, it holds a special place for the onset of Autumn. The Pork Belly being a tender [...]

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Heartwarming broth


For those days when the air is chillier, a soup or broth will keep your heart warm. With a few windy days coming our way leading us into a change of season, there’s always some kind of adjustment to be made. Whether it is getting the sweaters out of storage, or eating well to stay hydrated and nourished, or warding off any unwanted colds, it calls for a little autumnal comfort. Soups and hot broths are back in season. We pride ourselves on these delicious concoctions made of ginger, greens, berries and more. What they offer is a well balanced meal [...]

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Succulent Seafood


At Naturally Chinese, we use a range of techniques still paying homage to the traditional ways of cooking seafood in Chinese cuisine. We have a mix of spice and steamed, subdued flavours to enhance the taste of the meat, for instance the sea bass and scallops. We also have a pan fried version. A Chinese menu isn’t complete without an array of seafood dishes. In China, various concoctions of seafood are common in the coastal but mostly stem for the north east coastal region. This is the Shandong region, and unlike the southern areas where Hongkong master chefs specialise in dim [...]

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Harmony simplicity and taste!


There is great value in understanding the foods you’re fond of and why they make you feel good. With the knowledge of different cultures and the worlds’ cuisines coming together in such close proximity that is the city we live in, we are indeed privileged to have such variety and nuance to our taste buds. Agreeably we live in a time where we can have any type of cuisine and any kind of food we want in a matter of minutes. With the variety that is available to us in this day and age, we may often face a situation where [...]

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Summer Bites


The Summer heat is on, cooling down only slightly when the sun goes down. August days are here. And it is this month where we get to make good Summer moments count. Gone are the days where one cooks a large meal at lunch time. These days, a plate of a quick bite of something nutritional and delicious does the trick in the midst of busy work afternoons. Try a steamy bowl of soup. We have a choice of roast duck noodle, beaf brisket noodle or won ton soup in our lunch platter selection. Soups are great because of the extra [...]

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Vibrant Veggies


Being highly nutritious and fortifying, this spinach is a wonderful addition to broths. It can also be thrown into a salad. A true emerald green with plenty of vitality and makes its distinctive mark on Chinese cuisine. One of the simplest and easy to eat Chinese greens is the River spinach (morning glory) as we call it. I remember as a little girl seeing these growing in abundance by the river bank when I lived in Vietnam. In Chinese cuisine, vegetables play an important role. Aside from the aesthetics of giving colour and vibrance to accompany any dish, Chinese greens can [...]

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Authenticity through food


The value for healthy, natural and unprocessed food to me, is one of the greater things to offer. It’s a struggle in today’s world as there are various factors that make it difficult to sustain. But therein lies the desire even more so, to see the success of bringing good food and nutrition to the community. Going against the current is a hard thing but is not an option when you feel passionately about something and you just have to do it. In the midst of materialism, running the race to financial freedom and conspicuous consumption, the need for authenticity might [...]

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Free Range Organic Chicken in Lemon Sauce


Chicken and lemon simply make a fine combination universally. One of the better comfort foods you can rely on. I was asked if there could be a variation on the lemon, making it a more citrus sauce to see what that might be like (by adding a mix of all kinds of citrus fruits  – limes, lemons, orange, even yellow grapefruit). The fact is that the lemon on its own commands a distinct flavour, and isn’t sweet. There are a dozen or more ways to make a lemon chicken. It’s the dish I’d like to say has creative license and you might also [...]

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