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Monthly Archives: June 2016


Footie Season


Once again the excitement this year is building to see who will win Euro 2016. Some of you have probably placed your bets already. Many of you will be planning to get together over good food and drink to feel the tension of the game. For those going to host a footie party in the comfort of home, let us present to you our special footie snack platter. It has been put together specially for the season and bound to keep you satisfied through the games. The platter comes with a center portion of Beechwood smoked chicken pieces (spiced up with [...]

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A Hearty Produce


Look what I found in the garden. Coming up to speed on my home farming techniques, the endeavour has proved to be worthwhile. Last week I peered in on the bed of leaves in my back garden to check the progress. With all the wet weather we've been having, I found a party of slugs that I feared would have eaten the fruits of my labour. But alas - next time I will have more faith - they had a nibble or two but no destruction what-so-ever. The celery leaves were in tact and the strawberries were shiny and ready to [...]

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Happy Father’s Day


It's true when you hear ' A son's first hero and a daughter's first love' - a father's care and love is just as important as a mother's. There's still time to plan a great Father's Day weekend. Haven't bought a card, then take it upon yourself to make one. It's the thought that counts anyway. With only a day left, you can always plan a little something special, whether it be a get together with family or some quality time with your dad. And if all else escapes your busy schedule, then perhaps a hike might be just the thing [...]

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Vegetarian Options


Much of our focus at Naturally Chinese has been on sourcing ingredients as fresh as possible. I wanted to highlight some vegetarian options that we serve which are not only delicious but are especially designed to cater to a style of healthy eating and detoxification. Chinese cuisine offers a range of foods, not only the usually meat dishes like pork, beef and chicken, or seafood and fish, but even vegetarian. From zingy ginger, crunchy turnip to peppery mustard greens, the aim is to deliver the crisp flavour of these vegetables in the dishes we serve. When we sat down to devise our [...]

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This month is for dad


Usually celebrated on the third Sunday of June and declared as such in the US - Father's Day has been gaining popularity in recent years on this side of the pond and all over the world. And why not? Why should us mums have all the fun and appreciation. For a father who does his fair share and more for the family, it is important to acknowledge his contribution in his children's lives. Even the smallest of thoughts count. Most people know they have to send flowers and a card to mum for her day, but since it is less expected [...]

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