Look what I found in the garden. Coming up to speed on my home farming techniques, the endeavour has proved to be worthwhile. Last week I peered in on the bed of leaves in my back garden to check the progress. With all the wet weather we’ve been having, I found a party of slugs that I feared would have eaten the fruits of my labour. But alas – next time I will have more faith – they had a nibble or two but no destruction what-so-ever. The celery leaves were in tact and the strawberries were shiny and ready to pluck.

And though the June showers have been coming on strong, a hearty produce still endures. In using nature farming techniques, no pesticides should be used. Taking little steps to purify the soil, and clearing it from pollutants by letting weeds grow to ward off the pests. Micro-organisms can turn top soil effectively whilst keeping the level of moisture. This organic process may seem more cumbersome but in the long run, the food we produce could turn out healthier.

A way of farming that was founded in Japan by Mokichi Okada, I’ve been inspired to learn more and adopt a holistic approach to gardening, and in that finding a balance between hectic work schedules and the time to relax and rejuvenate my well being.