Usually celebrated on the third Sunday of June and declared as such in the US – Father’s Day has been gaining popularity in recent years on this side of the pond and all over the world. And why not? Why should us mums have all the fun and appreciation. For a father who does his fair share and more for the family, it is important to acknowledge his contribution in his children’s lives.

Even the smallest of thoughts count. Most people know they have to send flowers and a card to mum for her day, but since it is less expected from dad, it might really make his day to be treated to something special, or in the very least, a thoughtful handmade card with the words ‘thank you dad’. And if you wanted to really go all out to show him you appreciate him, how about dedicating June to him. Little chores around the house that might help along his day, a home cooked meal whenever possible, or setting quality time aside to do fun activities.

Let us know your thoughts on the best father’s Day gifts as there is plenty of room for ideas. Hope your Father’s Day celebration is full of joy and laughter, and good food too. For a treat to reckon with, book your table with us at Naturally Chinese.  (3 days advance booking is required if you choose to celebrate with an aromatic Peking Duck for your meal).

Happy planning!