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Monthly Archives: August 2016


September Days


As we embark on September; the days getting shorter but still with the hope that the month will bring us some more precious moments of sunshine to enjoy. This transitional season gives us the time to firm up some loose ends before the excitement of Christmas. For a special time like September, the dim sum afternoon makes a perfect lunch occasion after a walk in the park or shopping with a friend. The term 'dim sum' means to touch the heart with a lightness to the mind and body. An invigorating dim sum lunch at Naturally Chinese comes with a whole [...]

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The Finer Dishes


Delicious dishes begin with good ingredients. A simple cooking process is also a key factor, although not without dextrous care and attention to the finer details. Our array of the finer dishes on the menu incorporate these aspects. For instance, the rice parcels wrapped in lotus leaves brings an aroma to inspire out of a simple wholesome ingredient that is rice. And though we are a Chinese restaurants, we include some special pieces of cuisine that we are influenced by greatly. These are the Rice Paper Spring rolls, wrapped neatly in a rice paper thin pastry made from scratch by our [...]

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Standing Tall


We've had on our to-do-list a new design for the signage of our restaurant. As I had mentioned in my earlier post when we had our menus re-designed that we wanted to keep with our ongoing work of bringing various elements of our brand together. So I am happy to say that our new signage is complete! The new look keeps in step with our signature colours, giving you a point of reference that we believe in delivering consistency and integrity in our service. The sign also displays proudly that we are a gluten free restaurant and therefore one can expect [...]

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Summer Holidays


England is the best time to be in the Summer --even with the unpredictable weather. With school breaks and holidays, travel hassles and getting lost in a foreign country, a stay-cation might just be what you might need. And why not? On the days of beautiful sunshine, warm weather and great food around, it would be just like being on holiday. Here are some tips for a stay-cation: 1. Take a day trip to London to visit some of the sights as a tourist would. You'll be amazed how much on holiday you will feel like in your own city. 2. [...]

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