We’ve had on our to-do-list a new design for the signage of our restaurant. As I had mentioned in my earlier post when we had our menus re-designed that we wanted to keep with our ongoing work of bringing various elements of our brand together. So I am happy to say that our new signage is complete! The new look keeps in step with our signature colours, giving you a point of reference that we believe in delivering consistency and integrity in our service.

The sign also displays proudly that we are a gluten free restaurant and therefore one can expect that we take care to serve you the best in gluten free cooking. The style co-ordinated to suite our brand colours and ethos of clean, earthy, natural and minimalistic, our hope is that this will be a step moving in the intended direction for Naturally Chinese.

Hope you like our new look too. Do feel free to leave us your thoughts anytime. Also, subscribe to our newsletter to get new updates on the latest taking place at Naturally Chinese.

See you soon.