England is the best time to be in the Summer –even with the unpredictable weather. With school breaks and holidays, travel hassles and getting lost in a foreign country, a stay-cation might just be what you might need. And why not? On the days of beautiful sunshine, warm weather and great food around, it would be just like being on holiday.

Here are some tips for a stay-cation:

1. Take a day trip to London to visit some of the sights as a tourist would. You’ll be amazed how much on holiday you will feel like in your own city.

2. Try some exotic food at a new restaurant. Book ahead of time so you can look forward to an evening out.

3. Make a day at a spa followed by a late lunch, perhaps an afternoon dim sum and tea.


There’s plenty to do and it’s all at our beck and call if we want. Whether it’s a long drive by the coast followed by delicious food and wine, or just a lie in the park under the English sunshine, it all adds up to a good holiday.

Have a happy Summer!

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