Delicious dishes begin with good ingredients. A simple cooking process is also a key factor, although not without dextrous care and attention to the finer details. Our array of the finer dishes on the menu incorporate these aspects. For instance, the rice parcels wrapped in lotus leaves brings an aroma to inspire out of a simple wholesome ingredient that is rice.

And though we are a Chinese restaurants, we include some special pieces of cuisine that we are influenced by greatly. These are the Rice Paper Spring rolls, wrapped neatly in a rice paper thin pastry made from scratch by our pastry chef Chiu. These are delicately filled with colourful vegetables such as carrots, celery, bamboo shoots, chestnuts and black fungus. Another interesting mix is the coriander and cuttlefish cakes, so also our turnip cakes.

What makes some of these special dishes fine are their aromatic ingredients combined with their nutritional value. Together this makes a compelling combination that tastes unique. The next time you are dining with us, venture to taste some of the more exotic we have to offer on our menu. Couple it with our popular wines, making your experience a fine one.