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Monthly Archives: February 2015


Stylist Magazine Review


I'm thrilled to say that we're featured in Stylist magazine -- under the UK's best restaurant, cafes and bars for healthy eating! The highlight was on the Singapore Noodles, and with good reason as it is one of our top selling dishes, great to eat in or take home. It's a fine compliment as it's what I've always hoped Naturally Chinese to become known for -- healthy, natural and delicious Chinese food. As I've mentioned many times before that the task of defining our brand was not an easy one when we started in April 2012. And being a Chinese restaurant, it was especially difficult [...]

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The Red Lobster


This week is turning out to be even more exciting than the last. Flowing wine and traditional delicacies to celebrate Chinese New Year. Our team has been working steadily to bring the freshest dishes to the table. The tossing of the raw salad has been a particular favourite with many. Children have been making the most with this and then raiding the money trees to take home a surprise amount of money in the red envelopes. It has been heart warming for all bringing a very auspicious feel to the occasion. The red lobster however has been the most anticipated, as this [...]

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Chinese New Year


We're moving on to an exciting weekend with Valentine's Day, followed by a week of Chinese New Year celebrations. The 19th of February brings upon the new year of the Sheep, a year of tranquility and goodness. The yin energy of the sheep brings about a delicate balance of rejuvenation and calm. Whether you need to mend fences or work on self improvement, this year should be the one to take action. Our celebration at Naturally Chinese will begin on the 18th of February till the 22nd of February, from 6pm onwards. We have a sumptuous feast of traditional Chinese delights. Here is [...]

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The Food Of Love


February brings a mixed bag of winter and warmth, and by warmth I mean, the celebration of love. In Chinese tradition, this is the month that is meant to show first signs of the peach blossom - one that feeds romance and sweetness to the air. People usually fall in love in February. Is that just a coincidence? There is more reason to cheer up the home with bouquets of flowers and warm up with candlelight especially on those cold nights. Maybe that is why we have the season of love in winter. I imagine it's going to be a big celebration [...]

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