We’re moving on to an exciting weekend with Valentine’s Day, followed by a week of Chinese New Year celebrations. The 19th of February brings upon the new year of the Sheep, a year of tranquility and goodness. The yin energy of the sheep brings about a delicate balance of rejuvenation and calm. Whether you need to mend fences or work on self improvement, this year should be the one to take action.

Our celebration at Naturally Chinese will begin on the 18th of February till the 22nd of February, from 6pm onwards. We have a sumptuous feast of traditional Chinese delights. Here is what’s on the menu;

Naturally Chinese Raw Salad

We will begin with the tossing of the raw salad. The ritual brings together family and friends at a round table. In Chinese culture, a round table signifies an infinite, never ending movement that denotes the circle of life. The fresh salad which has a variety of raw vegetables in seven colours, even smoked salmon, with a light cleansing sauce symbolizes balance and renewed energy. The higher you toss the salad in the air and make your desired wish, the more energy builds and greater prosperity, happiness, fertility and success is bestowed upon you. In addition, you can pick your own red envelope off our money trees. The idea is that money will be in abundance, just like leaves on a tree.

Classic longevity noodles

Baked with shredded chicken and Chinese mushrooms.

Lobster and noodles

Fresh lobster cooked in ginger and spring onions. Noodles are optional. Enough for two people.

Steamed fresh scallops

In shells on glass noodles served with soya sauce dressing and a fresh burst of spring onions and coriander.

Shredded chicken with jelly fish

A mix of surprising flavours. Corn fed chicken steamed and shredded, enlivened with rice wine, savoured with shredded jelly fish. Cool cucumbers and carrots sprinkled and topped with coriander.

Glutinous rice balls

In a cane sugar ginger soup made by our pastry chef, Chiu.

Call us or email us at hello@naturallychineserestaurant.co.uk or 020 8399 5533 to book your table in advance. From cutting paper lanterns to paper dragons that children love to play with, here is some Chinese New Year inspiration. And from us to you,

Happy Valentine’s Day & a Happy Chinese New Year too!