This week is turning out to be even more exciting than the last. Flowing wine and traditional delicacies to celebrate Chinese New Year. Our team has been working steadily to bring the freshest dishes to the table. The tossing of the raw salad has been a particular favourite with many. Children have been making the most with this and then raiding the money trees to take home a surprise amount of money in the red envelopes. It has been heart warming for all bringing a very auspicious feel to the occasion.

The red lobster however has been the most anticipated, as this is usually served for special occasions and only few times a year. Well coated in a mix of succulent ginger and spring onion juices and cracked open ready to eat. Those meaty red claws can come on a bed of noodles if one wishes. It is also good enough for two. The red lobster symbolizes the essence of Chinese New Year celebrations and is usually cooked at home or enjoyed at a restaurant at the Lunar new Year. The red lobster is available as part of the Chinese New Year menu till Sunday, 22nd February at Naturally Chinese. A pre-order needs to be made for the lobster so call us up at 020 8399 5533.

Make the weekend one to remember. Gather your friends, put on your best dress and enjoy an exotic menu that comes to you from a faraway land with a glorious tradition behind it.

May prosperity and happiness shine upon you!