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Monthly Archives: November 2014


A Gluten Free Tasting Event


We hosted our first gluten free tasting event on the 17th of November, presenting our new gluten free menu to some of our favourite gluten free bloggers and customers. Although a cold and rainy day, it made for a lovely evening spending time in good company, sampling some of the gluten free delights and discussing the menu. It proved to be a helpful way of getting valuable feedback about things that could be improved upon and was also comforting to know that our services were much appreciated. I am not Coeliac so I couldn't imagine what it must be like to have [...]

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Singapore Noodles


This hot dish has danced its way to the number one position in our noodle category. The Singapore noodles is proving to be another signature special in our series. You may ask, what's so unique and different about this dish compared to any other Singapore noodle dish? At Naturally Chinese, we also serve it in the gluten free menu. This is cooked separately taking extra precautions to prevent any cross contamination. There is the option to keep it vegetarian or have it served with shrimp or chicken. Whatever the preference may be, this dish can be enjoyed by all groups. In addition, [...]

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Sizzling Lamb With Ginger & Spring Onions


I present to you one of our flagship dishes - the sizzling lamb! It has withstood the test of time remaining one of the signature dishes of Naturally Chinese. It possesses the essence of medicinal ginger and fresh spring onions, two of our most used ingredients. This dish is popular throughout the year and in all seasons. Like the Mandarin Steak talked about a couple of weeks ago, this dish was created in a similar style to enhance the flavour of the meat rather than overwhelm. In this case, the slivers of fragrant lamb are cooked in a simple garlic and [...]

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The Christmas “Feel Good” Menu


The cold is upon us once more. I’ve seen the shops putting up their lights and decorating their trees already. It makes a difference, wouldn’t you agree? Puts me in the spirit of the holidays that are near approaching. Our team at Naturally Chinese has also been bitten by the seasonal bug of the good kind and our spirit of cheer begins with our “Feel Good” menu, or a protein refill as my Chef likes to call it. We will begin this special menu available everyday starting the 16th of November until the 5th of January (with the exception of 25th [...]

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