We hosted our first gluten free tasting event on the 17th of November, presenting our new gluten free menu to some of our favourite gluten free bloggers and customers. Although a cold and rainy day, it made for a lovely evening spending time in good company, sampling some of the gluten free delights and discussing the menu. It proved to be a helpful way of getting valuable feedback about things that could be improved upon and was also comforting to know that our services were much appreciated.

I am not Coeliac so I couldn’t imagine what it must be like to have gluten allergies, but getting together on this evening was a kind of first hand education. What struck me most from our conversation was when I learnt that anybody could be diagnosed with Coeliac at any point in their lives. This would then open up a whole new dimension to food and cooking, one that doesn’t have to be bland or boring, but on the contrary, quite innovative and inviting. I have noticed a trend in gluten free diets becoming popular in general. Whether it may be a fad or not, it arose from an important need, and with the help of our chefs, we at Naturally Chinese have made it a priority to serve that need with our separate gluten free menu continually working to keep it fresh and delicious.

I’ve had some wonderful write ups about the food that I wanted to share. Please take a look when you have a moment.

Claire from www.onehappyglutenfreetummy.blogspot.co.uk

Maria from www.flourlessinlondon.blogspot.co.uk

Serena from www.bewilderedbug.com

We will be hosting some more upcoming events like these in the New Year. For updates, stay tuned to my blog. Feel free to leave me your thoughts too.

Until next time.