This hot dish has danced its way to the number one position in our noodle category. The Singapore noodles is proving to be another signature special in our series. You may ask, what’s so unique and different about this dish compared to any other Singapore noodle dish? At Naturally Chinese, we also serve it in the gluten free menu. This is cooked separately taking extra precautions to prevent any cross contamination. There is the option to keep it vegetarian or have it served with shrimp or chicken. Whatever the preference may be, this dish can be enjoyed by all groups.

In addition, it has maintained its consistency. We have many orders for these curried stir fried vermicelli noodles, and the chefs have always been on point in delivering the dish with full value of fresh vegetables, perfectly cooked vermicelli tumbled into a steamy bowl, seasoned with curry spice, shrimp or chicken, and topped with sesame. It leaves a ravenous appetite satisfied, infusing a robust dose of food therapy. Singapore noodles is extremely popular in Cantonese style cuisine. It’s fairly light so makes a great lunchtime or mid afternoon snack.

Here’s our pairing suggestion:  Our Californian rosé “The Kissing Tree“, combines lively and delicate fresh strawberry and tropical fruit flavours, making it a good complement. So also the Pinot Grigio “La Casada” which is light and crisp. You could choose to complement the dish with a Fresita, a Chilean sparkling wine with hand picked strawberry fruit. The key word for this pairing is mostly “light”.