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Chinese new year special


In celebration of Chinese new year,  Naturally Chinese prepares its auspicious Peking Duck for the occasion, where our chefs get to present to you their culinary skills to the finest level. There's no fussing, just elegant and delicious. The art to eating this beautiful dish is in the sharing and designing your own unique bite.  And a pairing of a fine red wine will elevate this dish to its fullest flavour. The ceremonial aspect of carving the crispy outer layer of the roast is what makes a great presentation when ordering this dish. In olden times, it is said that "these little morcels [...]

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Father’s Day Weekend


“Son’s first hero, daughter’s first love”. I think many of us could agree with this statement. I might be going out on a limb by saying that I’ve often felt that Father’s Day tends to get overlooked as compared to Mother’s Day. But that is my feeling anyway. And I wonder why should it be any different? Shouldn’t fathers receive the same adoration, love and appreciation as the mothers? Perhaps if we celebrated our dads more often, they’d show up for us more? The dated role of father figure is restructuring radically with dads being more involved and active in their [...]

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Mum’s The Word


Mother's Day will be here again the following Sunday. As the flowers bloom and all fits in perfectly with the onset of spring, Naturally Chinese has been jotting down plans to celebrate this very special day for mums. Every mum wants to feel appreciated even though they may not show it. Whether it be a card, a flower, a chocolate or a cozy dinner to celebrate, it makes all the difference. Being a mum myself, I can vouch for that. I am thinking that an elegant dim sum brunch/ lunch or a fancy Peking Duck dinner can both make a fabulous [...]

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