“Son’s first hero, daughter’s first love”. I think many of us could agree with this statement. I might be going out on a limb by saying that I’ve often felt that Father’s Day tends to get overlooked as compared to Mother’s Day. But that is my feeling anyway. And I wonder why should it be any different? Shouldn’t fathers receive the same adoration, love and appreciation as the mothers?

Perhaps if we celebrated our dads more often, they’d show up for us more? The dated role of father figure is restructuring radically with dads being more involved and active in their children’s lives. Gone are those days when it was mostly the mother that dealt with the children. Nowadays, both parents seem to have an equal contribution to make. And therefore, I imagine that the modern lifestyle is bringing the new role of dads to light, making it more meaningful to congratulate a dad on Father’s Day.

It’s easy to be a father but it takes effort to become a good one and a little extra encouragement might prove to be worthwhile. Like all things we love to celebrate here at Naturally Chinese, Father’s Day is one that ranks top of our list. We have a few dads amongst our team and I see the hopefulness and excitement on Father’s Day to receive a card or a hug from their children which I find to be very endearing and heart warming.

We’d love to see more of you celebrate with your dads at Naturally Chinese this Sunday, 15th of June. Chef Chiu sources some of the best ducks from France to create that timeless Peking Duck lunch or dinner experience, one that is momentous and pertinent to a very special occasion. House made sauces and freshly baked pastry pancakes to accompany the meal; so book your advance reservation and make your dad feel like the luckiest man.

Here’s a little Father’s Day inspiration from our pinterest board.