Mother’s Day will be here again the following Sunday. As the flowers bloom and all fits in perfectly with the onset of spring, Naturally Chinese has been jotting down plans to celebrate this very special day for mums. Every mum wants to feel appreciated even though they may not show it. Whether it be a card, a flower, a chocolate or a cozy dinner to celebrate, it makes all the difference. Being a mum myself, I can vouch for that.

I am thinking that an elegant dim sum brunch/ lunch or a fancy Peking Duck dinner can both make a fabulous Mother’s Day treat. Spoil her with a relaxed dim sum experience – jasmine tea and a variety of delectable dim sum, ranging from crystal dumplings to exotic lotus leaf rice wraps to creamy custard pastry buns and a whole host of 40 little beauties.

Or you can choose to have a more upscale dinning experience with the infamous Peking Duck which will be our show stopper this Mother’s day. Do book your table and Peking Duck reservations early to avoid disappointment. Peking Duck is prepared over a couple of days. For more information on this, please read my last blog post here.

Naturally Chinese will also have little chocolate presents for all the mums that will be dining with us.

And finally; flowers, chocolates, scarves, perfume and spa treats all make perfect mother’s day gifts, the kind she’ll love. For a more hands on approach for those of you who relish the DIY projects, please check out our pinterest board for mother’s day gift ideas. But most of all, I hope you will have a special Mother’s Day celebration whether you are a mum, or whether you are planning something for your mum.

Happy Mothering Sunday!