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Father’s Day


Father's Day falls on this coming Sunday, the 21st of June. The weather leaves open the possibilities to treat your dad to a fantastic Father’s Day celebration. This year will be a first for us not hosting a celebration at the restaurant. But we still want you to know that we will be open for take away dinners that you could complement with your dad's favourite bottle of wine. For an ease of convenience, our menu is available to order from our website in advance, including gluten free dishes. I’m sure you would agree that it is important to let fathers [...]

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Father’s Day 2019


Whether your plans might be to treat dad to a home cooked meal or with tickets to see a show at the theatre, we hope that you enjoy some good quality time together. Naturally Chinese Restaurant celebrates Father's Day in style with auspicious dishes such as our Peking Duck, or the wide range of authentic celebratory clay pot dishes that add warmth and splendour to the occasion. What’s a special culinary delight for an auspicious occasion like this? Aside from many delectable dishes on the menu, it's Auspicious Peking Duck with a sweet mandarin glaze covered around a crispy outer layer done to [...]

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Father’s Day


Like all things we love to celebrate here at Naturally Chinese, Father’s Day is one that ranks top of our list. Even the smallest of thoughts count. Whether it be a phone call to dad or a even a small token of something he enjoys, he may not show his excitement but he'll be so happy!  And if you wanted to really go all out to show him you appreciate him, how about making the month of June all about dad. Little chores around the house that might help along his day, a home cooked meal whenever possible, or setting quality time [...]

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Father’s Day


Father's Day has the benefit of being on the brink of Summer. The weather leaves open the possibilities to treat your dad to a fantastic Father's Day celebration. I'm sure you would agree that it is important to let fathers take center stage on this day. The role of a father has been evolving and making steady progress towards being more involved in a child's life. Gone are the days when it was unique to see a father change a diaper and cook the family meal. It is refreshing to see this change, making fathers more sensitive to the emotional needs [...]

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Happy Father’s Day


It's true when you hear ' A son's first hero and a daughter's first love' - a father's care and love is just as important as a mother's. There's still time to plan a great Father's Day weekend. Haven't bought a card, then take it upon yourself to make one. It's the thought that counts anyway. With only a day left, you can always plan a little something special, whether it be a get together with family or some quality time with your dad. And if all else escapes your busy schedule, then perhaps a hike might be just the thing [...]

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Father’s Day Weekend


“Son’s first hero, daughter’s first love”. I think many of us could agree with this statement. I might be going out on a limb by saying that I’ve often felt that Father’s Day tends to get overlooked as compared to Mother’s Day. But that is my feeling anyway. And I wonder why should it be any different? Shouldn’t fathers receive the same adoration, love and appreciation as the mothers? Perhaps if we celebrated our dads more often, they’d show up for us more? The dated role of father figure is restructuring radically with dads being more involved and active in their [...]

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