The next couple of days are the most exciting, the lead up to Christmas day –the time when all the family will be over, presents will be unwrapped and a sumptuous feast will be lain on a beautifully decorated table. It always begs the question, why do we hustle and bustle to make things perfect for a day that will be here and gone in no time at all? I suppose it is the thrill of possibilities, the feeling of working hard to give our families a memorable experience. No matter how big or small the affair, it should be something to remember.

As much as I try to keep things streamlined and to a minimum, it can get overwhelming (all in a good way of course), but here are a few of my favourite things to get me through, and let me enjoy my christmas time.

– I prepare my star kissed mulled wine to sip after a long day of work and shopping. Here is the recipe.

– I watch a fun Christmas movie (Love Actually) after dinner accompanied by some fine chocolate truffles (my Christmas indulgence)

– While watching my movie, I get in the spirit of wrapping presents after all have gone to bed — scattered on the floor will be my favourite ribbons and wrapping paper, and it is almost a form of therapy to get to wrap each present with care.

– I also always make it a point to go for a walk and smell the winter scent of pine and holly. It’s the best early in the morning, after which I pop into a coffee shop to treat myself to a fresh cup of aromatic brew.

These are some of my favourite things to do just before Christmas. It’s almost a ritual but brings me right into the spirit. Then, I’m ready to host the family and all that comes with it. Fa la la la la, la la la la….

 Have a Merry Christmas everyone! Remember, we will be closed from the 24th of Dec, and reopen on the 29th of Dec at 5pm.


See you then.