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The lightness of greens


A big part of our cuisine uses the colour green. The leafy logo that is part of our identity denotes our partiality to green leafy vegetables in all our meal combinations. It has and remains an important component of the diet. The lightness of greens, in addition to its aesthetic appeal, is beneficial to counterbalance other foods. Our favourite and incidentally most popular is a detox mixed vegetable and a green beans side dish.  In a good sized portion that can be enjoyed even by one person alone, it is cooked in a garlic or chilli bean sauce. Singed on the outside and [...]

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Morning Glory


We've often been asked about this dish on our menu. Mistaken for the flower or the popular song by 'Oasis', this dark green vegetable side dish on our menu is a relative of the spinach family. Rich in nutrients, it grows in abundance by rivers in most Asian countries like China, Indonesia, Vietnam and many more. Its most unique quality is its tubular structure, is crunchy to eat and retains its colour and texture even when cooked. As a child, I recall waking up to the smell of this green vegetable as it would fill the river beds with its luscious growth. [...]

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