A big part of our cuisine uses the colour green. The leafy logo that is part of our identity denotes our partiality to green leafy vegetables in all our meal combinations. It has and remains an important component of the diet. The lightness of greens, in addition to its aesthetic appeal, is beneficial to counterbalance other foods.

Our favourite and incidentally most popular is a detox mixed vegetable and a green beans side dish.  In a good sized portion that can be enjoyed even by one person alone, it is cooked in a garlic or chilli bean sauce. Singed on the outside and half cooked in the middle to keep the crunchiness. In a typical Chinese meal, it is essential to have at least one of the vegetable side dishes. Keeping the nutrients of the vegetables, they are never overcooked. In some cases they are flash fried to ensure that the juices are locked in, and the colour is maintained without the oil soaking through.

And in the Summer months, it becomes vital to replenish on the vitamins and minerals greens have to offer. Its highest nutrient content being Vitamin C and magnesium which brings calm to the body.

What is your favourite green?