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Spring Celebrations


Happy Lunar New Year 2018! Welcome to the Year of the Dog -- denoting a spirit of playfulness, lightness and enthusiasm for taking risks and saying yes to an adventure. With Chinese New Year comes the advent of Spring (one that I'm sure you will agree has been long awaited this year!) It also brings us the opportunity to start the year right. Decluttering the home and a bit of Spring cleaning is a given this time of the year. Getting rid of the old unusable things and replacing them with new things that have purpose and meaning. It's also a great [...]

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A Double Celebration


We're half way into Chinese New Year week. It kicked off to a good start the past weekend and Monday, marking the first two days of The Year of The Monkey. We will be continuing the celebration until Sunday, the 14th of February which also ends on a sweet note of Valentine's Day. Cause for a double celebration. You can still book a table to celebrate Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day together. What better way to enjoy the evening with the delights of Chinese New Year and toasting to love at the same time? Traditionally, Chinese New Year denoted the [...]

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The Food Of Love


February brings a mixed bag of winter and warmth, and by warmth I mean, the celebration of love. In Chinese tradition, this is the month that is meant to show first signs of the peach blossom - one that feeds romance and sweetness to the air. People usually fall in love in February. Is that just a coincidence? There is more reason to cheer up the home with bouquets of flowers and warm up with candlelight especially on those cold nights. Maybe that is why we have the season of love in winter. I imagine it's going to be a big celebration [...]

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A Fine Dinner And Romance


Valentine’s Day to me is about showing appreciation for the one I love. We can easily forget and take for granted the gifts of affection, care and support we receive from our partners. Having a day once a year to make the effort to say thank you, serves its purpose. I remember those early days of romance, receiving a rose or even wanting to find the perfect gift for my now husband - the joys of anticipation and excitement. You might agree that when our initial chase has turned into a triumph, the romance can fade into the background, and it [...]

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