Valentine’s Day to me is about showing appreciation for the one I love. We can easily forget and take for granted the gifts of affection, care and support we receive from our partners. Having a day once a year to make the effort to say thank you, serves its purpose.

I remember those early days of romance, receiving a rose or even wanting to find the perfect gift for my now husband – the joys of anticipation and excitement. You might agree that when our initial chase has turned into a triumph, the romance can fade into the background, and it takes work to keep it bright and present in our lives.

Whether it’s bringing home a flower or saving your last Rolo for your partner, they all count and make a significant difference. It’s a two way street and kudos to the one who makes the first attempt because it takes time and thought. Though once the ball gets rolling, it can be a whole lot of fun and happiness.

As you can tell, I am bitten by the Valentine bug. Yes, come wind, rain or shine, it is a great reason to celebrate love and appreciation.

This year, Naturally Chinese will set the atmosphere and mood for romance. All you need to do is take a little action and make lunch or dinner plans in your diary. We’ve stocked on beautiful wines, scrumptious desserts in flavours of chocolate and exotic fruit.

In addition, there will be a fun surprise for your special other half. So book your table at Naturally Chinese this Valentine’s Day and toast to your gift of love.

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