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Dim Sum Heights


Following on from our earlier post about new introductions to our menu and some new tasting experiences to discover; our dim sum chef has created a special tasting creation for the month of May to reflect the celebrations of our very own Surbiton Food Festival 2019. The festival evokes the unity of diverse cuisines to be celebrated and rediscovered amongst our neighbours. This year, we at Naturally Chinese bring you Dim Sum Heights. Our chef has put together a tower of dim sum delights combining some traditional and some modern elements. The taster will have buns, dumplings and a couple of [...]

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A Bowl of Pho


It may be a hot or a cold day, the wind has built your appetite and you're thinking of a dish that's nourishing, delicious with a kick to inspire you. A bowl of Pho calls for just the right balance of spice, exotic flavour and heartiness, not forgetting a zest of juicy lemon. Vietnamese Pho has one of the best combinations of Umami perhaps. Is it any wonder why this dish has been gaining popularity around the world. Vietnamese cuisine is considered to be intricate in its flavours yet simple in using local ingredients. It's relationship with French colonial also adds to [...]

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Spring Festivities 2017


With only a couple of weeks to go till the Surbiton Food Festival begins, we're preparing for a season of Spring festivities. As you might have read in one of our recent posts -- Naturally Chinese will be celebrating a bit of diversity in its menu at this year's Surbiton Food Festival. In support of the Quê Charity that aims to alleviate impoverished conditions of the poorest families in North Vietnam, we will have on offer two varieties of popular Vietnamese dishes; Bun cha and Pho (the meat and noodle broth which you are perhaps familiar with as its popularity in London has been growing). [...]

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Join The Party


The most awaited weekend of May is here with the Surbiton food festival happening at St. Andrew's Square, Surbiton. The weather is shaping up to show sunny skies and warm weather. From the line up of food stalls and local producers displaying their wares, there will be plenty to keep you entertained. Naturally Chinese will have some of the best selling dim sum faves to choose from. Also, our top pastry Chef Chiu will performing a live demonstration on "how to make dim sum" in the demo tent -St Andrew's Square, at 4pm on Sunday, 8th of May. All are welcome [...]

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Surbiton Food Festival


The Spring line up of activities are about to begin in a couple of weeks. Some of you might have already seen the list of events for the upcoming Surbiton Food Festival 2016 taking place from the 30th of April to 15th of May. The Naturally Chinese food stall will be up on Sunday, 8th of May, in full form with our best selling dishes many of which will include the gluten free selection. This will be our 4th year participating in the Surbiton Food Festival, and we are proud to say that with a gluten free accreditation from Coeliac UK, [...]

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Dim Sum Cookery Class


It's one long party continuing into next week. This Monday, the 12th of May, Naturally Chinese will be hosting a Dim Sum Cookery class as part of the events lined up during the Surbiton Food Festival. This class was brought back by popular demand and I thought it to be the perfect time to host during the festival. If you are curious to unravel the secret behind char shiu buns, then this class will show you how. Our top chef, Chiu will take you through this simple and sought after craft. Also enjoy a sampler dim sum before you get your [...]

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Surbiton Village Fete


A few last minute preparations to make before Saturday's Village Fete. This year, I hear there are going to be more people attending, so I want to be well stocked and ready. If you are looking for a way to spend your afternoon with friends and family this weekend, head down to St. Andrew's Square, Surbiton. There's a host of local artists and musicians to entertain all afternoon, various competitions and games to enter for all ages, your local restaurants serving some of your favourite treats to enjoy while you bask in the park, and much more. Children have a ball [...]

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Rolling Out The Spring Festivities


We’re kicking off this Spring with a host of activities, the main focus being on The Surbiton Food Festival (3rd - 18th of May) with a line up of fun filled events for your enjoyment. The excitement is on with the Surbiton Village Fete in St. Andrew’s Square on the weekend of the 10th and 11th of May attracting friends from neighbouring towns, even Central London. It’s a fantastic opportunity to get together with other business owners and neighbours, both the seasoned and new to promote some amazing food products and cuisines that have integrated in this corner west of London. [...]

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