It may be a hot or a cold day, the wind has built your appetite and you’re thinking of a dish that’s nourishing, delicious with a kick to inspire you. A bowl of Pho calls for just the right balance of spice, exotic flavour and heartiness, not forgetting a zest of juicy lemon. Vietnamese Pho has one of the best combinations of Umami perhaps. Is it any wonder why this dish has been gaining popularity around the world.

Vietnamese cuisine is considered to be intricate in its flavours yet simple in using local ingredients. It’s relationship with French colonial also adds to its exotic quality. The influences of which can be seen in former Saigon. With aromatic herbs and spices such as star anise, fennel, coriander, black cardamom and ginger; and perhaps more sweet and sour depending on the region, we will be bringing you the taste of a bowl of pho at the Surbiton Village Fete on 13th of May (Sat only). Authentically prepared from scratch for this special event!

Come get your bowl of Pho this Surbiton Food Festival. All proceeds from these will go directly towards the Quê Charity which aims to help poor needy families in North Vietnam. For more information about the Quê Charity, please visit.

Read our post here on why we support this cause.