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Looking Forward To Summer


After a bit of June gloom this past week, here's to looking forward to Summer 2017! No matter what the weather brings, there's always time to enjoy a delectable meal that puts you in the mood for sunnier skies. There's a host of activities coming up. First on the list is Father's Day on Sunday, 18th June. How will you surprise dad this year? An afternoon at the golf course, a delicious lunch or dinner, or perhaps a prized bottle of vintage wine? If you'd like to celebrate with us at Naturally Chinese, reservations are open and we look forward to hosting [...]

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Summer Holidays


England is the best time to be in the Summer --even with the unpredictable weather. With school breaks and holidays, travel hassles and getting lost in a foreign country, a stay-cation might just be what you might need. And why not? On the days of beautiful sunshine, warm weather and great food around, it would be just like being on holiday. Here are some tips for a stay-cation: 1. Take a day trip to London to visit some of the sights as a tourist would. You'll be amazed how much on holiday you will feel like in your own city. 2. [...]

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Looking Towards Summer


It's been a busy week but productive and fruitful all the same with fantastic news to report. I had a message from Trip Advisor a few days ago telling me that Naturally Chinese had won the 2014 Certificate Of Excellence acknowledging us for our consistent top ratings from Trip Advisor travellers. I am really touched by the responses that I have received about the restaurant and our service. It's never short of a challenge to keep the food and service to the highest standards expected but I am so thankful for a team that works hard to do their best. When [...]

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