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New Years Eve


We are back from the Christmas break, and ready to dive into the new year. With a few precious days left to tie up a few loose ends, it gets exciting to think about what may be in store for 2019. And while we make our way to a start of a new chapter, we'll be ready for you to celebrate the evening away. Naturally Chinese will be open on new years' eve with a menu to fortify and prepare you for a grand evening of celebration. Whether you are headed for the midnight countdown by the South bank or a [...]

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New Years Eve


After a much deserved break, we've had a good start to the week. The weather being much warmer although windy makes it perfect for that hot pot of goodness that we cook up here at the hands of our esteemed chefs. And while preparations for the last day of 2015 are taking place; it's time to clear out the old to make room for the new. We're open tomorrow (new years' eve) as well as January 1st. So book your table to celebrate the beginning of something special for 2016. If you are in the mood for an auspicious aromatic duck [...]

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Bringing In The New


Happy New Year 2015 everyone! Hope you had a lovely holiday week leading to a merry new year's eve. We had a good month at the restaurant, so thank you again for your patronage and adding to the festive feel we had hoped to achieve. It's been a hectic year with highs and lows of course, but nothing short of a great year. For all those of you who've been following my blog, thanks for reading. It has proved to be a good exercise to keep me connected to you and obtain some valuable feedback that has helped steer some decisions. There's a [...]

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