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Harmony simplicity and taste!


There is great value in understanding the foods you’re fond of and why they make you feel good. With the knowledge of different cultures and the worlds’ cuisines coming together in such close proximity that is the city we live in, we are indeed privileged to have such variety and nuance to our taste buds. Agreeably we live in a time where we can have any type of cuisine and any kind of food we want in a matter of minutes. With the variety that is available to us in this day and age, we may often face a situation where [...]

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As 2015 comes to a close in a few weeks, I'm excited to dive into the new year, the next phase of Naturally Chinese. With every season and year, a shift occurs and that has been my guide or compass to gauge the direction that feels right to move into. There is no mystery that surrounds this as every business should undergo this eventual process. The last three years have been nothing short of an adventure. The ups and downs have come in equal measure but we overcame them striving to find our true voice and that special quality we want [...]


The Art Of Dim Sum


If I am ever in need of replenishment after a hectic day of work, I have yet to find something that can top the sheer afternoon delight of dim sum. I say afternoon as it is my favourite time to recharge with a cup of jasmine tea and very often a beautiful combination of sweet and savoury bites laid out for my eyes to enjoy before the belly. Suddenly all seems right with the world and I know that no matter what I need to get done, will be done after I enjoy an hour of dim sum. The tradition began [...]

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Inspiring The Adventure


Eighteen months on and I’m still going and going strong. Whew! it has been a tremendous feat but with every passing day I know I’m moving towards something wonderful. It all started when I felt that there was a need to shake up the stereotypical perception these days that chinese food is synonymous to fast food noodles in a box. The bank refused to lend as we were considered to be a high risk sector. In the early stages, we faced doubts as to whether it was going to be a viable business. The trip adviser critiques were difficult to digest [...]

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