As 2015 comes to a close in a few weeks, I’m excited to dive into the new year, the next phase of Naturally Chinese. With every season and year, a shift occurs and that has been my guide or compass to gauge the direction that feels right to move into. There is no mystery that surrounds this as every business should undergo this eventual process.

The last three years have been nothing short of an adventure. The ups and downs have come in equal measure but we overcame them striving to find our true voice and that special quality we want to offer our customers and community. Trying different modes to express our brand has helped define it even better, and the values that we have kept in the equation have served us well; that of authenticity, nurturing, transparency and support to causes that we believe are important to care about. For instance, charitable events and fundraising  activities to help aid those in need.

And our cuisine sets the tone of what we stand for. No MSG, catering to those who have allergies and are coeliac. Our hope is that all can enjoy our cooking feeling safe and secure in their choosing. So going forth into 2016, we aim to further our developments in sourcing even better ingredients, sharpening our service skills and provide a nurturing environment in the home of Naturally Chinese.