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A Sweet Finish


Every meal should finish on a sweet note. It need not always be a grand creamy gateau, or a sugary tart. It could be a cup of perfectly made coffee of coffee liqueur. Dessert has been incorporated even during ancient times. Back then, they didn't have any of our sophisticated baking or sugar craft. They would serve grapes, dates or honey. The point may very well have been to clear the palette and quite simply, to end on a sweet note. Chinese cuisine doesn't have the vast range of sugar and patisserie. But times are changing and you might find more of [...]

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Something Sweet


It isn't typical perhaps of Chinese restaurants to house great desserts. Unlike French restaurants that are expected to have a range of desserts and pastries, it is not usually top priority on the menu for Chinese restaurants. At Naturally Chinese we have a small but delicious dessert menu. We don't have the fancy ones to boast of but the few that we have complement our dishes. Simple as they are, they pack a bundle of sweet satisfaction. Here are three best choices in no particular order, and all so different. Our show-stopping Chocolate Molten Lava cake will impress you as it makes [...]

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