It isn’t typical perhaps of Chinese restaurants to house great desserts. Unlike French restaurants that are expected to have a range of desserts and pastries, it is not usually top priority on the menu for Chinese restaurants. At Naturally Chinese we have a small but delicious dessert menu. We don’t have the fancy ones to boast of but the few that we have complement our dishes. Simple as they are, they pack a bundle of sweet satisfaction.

Here are three best choices in no particular order, and all so different.

  1. Our show-stopping Chocolate Molten Lava cake will impress you as it makes a perfect ending to your meal. Hot Fudge spills from the center of a spongy chocolate cake. Goes well with vanilla ice cream.
  2. Famous Chinese Mango Pudding, of which we put our own spin – the Chef developed a zesty citrus Coulis to drizzle on the top. Creamy and zesty make a fine combination.
  3. Crispy custard buns – these make a good dim sum dessert. Creamy custard center in a bun, and a light golden crisp on the outside.

In addition to these we have ice creams to cool down with after a hot pot or spicy dish. For a full dining experience at Naturally Chinese, a smooth after dinner liqueur will make the finest finish.