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Vegetarian Options


Much of our focus at Naturally Chinese has been on sourcing ingredients as fresh as possible. I wanted to highlight some vegetarian options that we serve which are not only delicious but are especially designed to cater to a style of healthy eating and detoxification. Chinese cuisine offers a range of foods, not only the usually meat dishes like pork, beef and chicken, or seafood and fish, but even vegetarian. From zingy ginger, crunchy turnip to peppery mustard greens, the aim is to deliver the crisp flavour of these vegetables in the dishes we serve. When we sat down to devise our [...]

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Comfort Soup


This soup boasts of its bright colour and high protein content. An instant reviver on those days of fatigue and physical work, this dish could very well make a fine healing food as it is fortified to nourish. The Chinese mustard greens with salted egg and pork has been a favourite of mine for years. At the restaurant, it is listed on our menu as a soup to share for two, although if you may have a big appetite, it might suffice for yourself alone. The recipe comes together with the right mix of flavours: marinated pork and ginger, salted egg balanced by the [...]

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