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Preparing For a Cold Week


With predictions of freezing cold temperatures coming our way next week, it makes me think of how I can plan ahead for a line up of heart warming good food through those cold times. You can probably already feel the change in temperature getting colder. The air gets drier and thicker, and this drains our energy levels. We need constant sustenance through hydration and warmth, so plenty of fluid and foods that keep us warm and energised. Despite the weather forecast, we're preparing for a cold week. If you are planning to dine with us during this time, we will be continuing [...]

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Art Of Cooking


Whether it be chopping, tossing, flash frying or carving a flower out of a vegetable, there's an art or science to it all. And no matter the same formulaic recipe, it still differs from individual to individual, therein the art of cooking it. Like any art, it takes years of practice to cultivate a mode, a pattern, a personal touch that makes the cooking unique. Every little morsel of dim sum brought to your table has been handcrafted dexterously in a matter of seconds by a highly skilled chef. Our chefs at Naturally Chinese carry the depth and breadth of experience [...]

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