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Getting Together For A Good Cause


Last Monday proved to be a great success! We fulfilled our target and raised £2198 which will go to the children in Vietnam charity. The Mayor, Councillor Ken Smith and the Mayoress, Mrs. Madeleine Smith who celebrated the event with us just before their last day in office showed esteemed support for the occasion. It was a truly splendid evening. Everything came together smoothly. It seemed effortless for people who didn't all necessarily know each other to sit together over a good meal and show kindness to those in Vietnam who they may never meet. We also had a table filled [...]

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Fundraising Dinner


We are delighted to be hosting our first ever fundraising dinner for the children and families of the northern provinces in Vietnam. This cause is close to our hearts as our roots trace back to this area in Vietnam. With the abundance of your good wishes and patronage, we are able to give something back to this community. Many farmers there are grappling with rice on a daily basis. Clothing pieces are scarce for children to keep warm when going to school every morning. We could make a world of difference by helping them buy warm clothes, shoes, books and even food. A [...]

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From London to Vietnam


We received a letter not too long ago from a lady we know who helps a great deal with charitable work in Vietnam. She had told us that the money we had gathered to send her charitable cause last year had made a difference to many people, especially school going children in some poor provinces in Vietnam. Initially, this was something we decided to do as a donation. But with the success and progress made in these provinces, we decided to take on the task of raising more to add to the pot that will go to specifically support the needy [...]

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