Autumn Harvest

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Autumn Harvest


May I introduce you to the Chinese Winter Melon. Also known as the ash gourd, wax gourd, tallow gourd, even an ash squash. It's incredibly large as it is magnificent, and eaten as a vegetable when it matures to full size. The taste and texture remains a mild and delicate crunch with a high level of hydration and vitamin C. It's been a bountiful harvest of winter melons this year, and we at Naturally Chinese will be offering this beautiful food to you while stocks last.  Our chefs bring you three variations in the form of a soup, a seafood claypot [...]

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Moonlight Festival


Along with the many traditions in the Chinese calendar, the Moonlight Festival marks the change from summer to autumn at the harvest. This year it falls on the 8th of September. It is probably one of the more intimate of celebrations with close families as the tradition is to enjoy a grand feast with foods from the harvest, followed by an after dinner tea sipping. Everyone relishes their harvest moon cakes, all in anticipation of admiring the beautiful full moon together as a family. These past few days leading up to the weekend of festivities has given me the chance to [...]

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