Along with the many traditions in the Chinese calendar, the Moonlight Festival marks the change from summer to autumn at the harvest. This year it falls on the 8th of September. It is probably one of the more intimate of celebrations with close families as the tradition is to enjoy a grand feast with foods from the harvest, followed by an after dinner tea sipping. Everyone relishes their harvest moon cakes, all in anticipation of admiring the beautiful full moon together as a family.

These past few days leading up to the weekend of festivities has given me the chance to work with the chefs in planning and understanding how we are going to serve the various dishes. I have immense admiration for the chefs who I see working diligently to get everything looking and tasting just perfect. Their knowledge of the history and traditions handed down and fusing them with more modern tastes has reaffirmed my belief in a strong and innovative kitchen crew.

It’s been a feast before the feast, sampling the dishes, reworking them to put a twist of Naturally Chinese in order to make it more unique.

For a special one day event, take a look at our exotic delights in celebration of the Moonlight Festival:



Fresh lobster garnished with spring onions for an energetic burst.

Seafood mélange of crab and fish belly soup.

Longevity noodles tousled with flecks of crab.



Glutinous sesame rice balls with a red bean paste.

Imperial jelly with succulent golden chrysanthemums.

Red bean with almonds, lily bulb and orange essence dessert soup.

Refreshing fruit platter.


If this sounds good to you, then call us at 020 8399 5533 or email us at to book our special lunch on Sunday, 7th September. Advance booking is required, please contact us early to avoid disappointment.

Have a happy moonlight festival!

Photo by Sandy Teles